Published on March 1st, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning

Unfunny Bunny Book Review

Unfunny Bunny Book Review Adrian Gunning

Summary: The Unfunny Bunny should be called the Funny Bunny opposed to the Unfunny Bunny.


Funny bunny!

By Adrian Beck and James Hart comes a “hare-larious” Easter Tale called the Unfunny Bunny about a boy who catches the Easter Bunny hiding eggs. However our little protagonist, more antagonist decides to help the Easter Bunny by hiding the eggs  of his family and dropping some dad-like one-liners along the ay such as “This’ll be a CRACK up!” or “He’ll be EGG-sausted!”.

So while this Easter jokester places eggs in all the wrong places, including in dad’s underpants and on a cat, the poor little Easter Bunny is left shocked and eventually a … hot cross bunny! However the boy quickly realises the error of his ways and when he wakes the next day, both he and his family are having a wonderful Easter morning. Best of all this book feature amusing text and some great colourful illustrations to help draw the reader in!

All in all, the Unfunny Bunny book makes for a great Eater book and will leave younger children in hysterics!



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