Published on January 19th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

Uncover the World’s Greatest Mystery in an all-new Indiana Jones Game!

Adventure awaits with today’s reveal of the new Indiana Jones game during the Xbox Developer_Direct. Bethesda Softworks and MachineGames, in partnership with Lucasfilm Games, have officially revealed Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, a first-person, cinematic action-adventure game set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Players will step into the shoes of Indiana Jones and embark on a single-player, narrative-driven journey that spans the globe during the height of the legendary archaeologist’s career. Discover the answers to one of history’s greatest mysteries in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle later this year on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Game Pass.


Executive produced by Hall of Fame game designer Todd Howard; Indiana Jones and the Great Circle takes players to 1937 as sinister forces are searching for an ancient power. Taking on the role of Indiana Jones, players must master Indy’s whip and quick wits to unravel this menacing conspiracy in an epic, globetrotting adventure.

Indy’s trademark whip remains at the heart of his gear, and can be used to distract, disarm, attack enemies, and traverse the environment. Throughout the game, players will encounter a mix between a narrative-driven gaming experience and open-area maps. With gameplay full of adventure, immersive action, and intriguing puzzles, players can combine stealthy infiltration, first-person melee, and gunplay to sneak, fight, and puzzle their way through the enemy threat.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle comes to Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Game Pass later this year. Stay tuned for more details at

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