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Ultimate Universe #1 Review (one-shot)

Ultimate Universe #1 Review (one-shot) Matt Fischer

Summary: This new world is turning out to be a very fun and interesting one now that the Maker is gone. We should all be excited for what comes next.


Ultimate(s) solidifies


Background – There’s one shot to set the world right. Let’s see how well it goes.

Writing – So our group of Ultimates (I think that’s who they are… they don’t have a group name yet) have one chance to put things right. Dr. Doom (who is now Reed Richards) and Iron Lad free Thor from captivity after the Maker framed him for Odin’s murder and Loki became king. After freeing Thor and turning Sif to their side, we see that they have already rescued Captain America who is still frozen in a block of ice. Doom and iron Lad explain to Thor and Sif what the Maker did and how they can set everything back to normal. They break into The Maker’s storage and free some of the items needed to remake the world’s heroes (such as Peter Parker’s spider.) Unfortunately, this alerts the world’s governing powers who apparently know of what the Maker has done. This is where the writing makes its only misstep because it is not clear whether they know history was changed. Regardless of that fact, the governing powers, led by the Hulk, frame our group (particularly Tony Stark AKA Iron lad) for a terrorist attack on America and blow up they station they are on, but Iron lad activates some type of protocol (which I’m assuming is time travel or teleportation of some kind). The issue ends with the world pretty much hating the name Stark, a shadowy figure who is supposedly T’Challa (but in this world, who knows?) walking through green energy and Tony Stark’s face glaring at the “camera”.

Whelp, we know Peter gets his spider bite, but as for the rest of the stuff the Ultimate’s stole, I have no idea how that is supposed to make mutants. Perhaps the Maker had a bunch of DNA stored? I wouldn’t put it past him. Also, the world’s powers being in on Maker’s scheme being unclear is a glaring issue. Other than that, the writing is Hickman world building, which is always exciting.

Artwork – I’m going to mention something I don’t normally mention unless it’s an Alex Ross (squee!) cover, and that’s the cover artwork. Bryan Hitch isn’t that great of a writer, but golly gee can he make some fantastic looking art! We’ve got our new team of Ultimates rushing into battle. I love how Bryan Hitch returned to do this series. I just wish he was sticking around for more. As for the inner art, it to is great. Everything pops and it reminds the reader of a faint echo of what the Ultimate Universe used to look like but brought into 2023 and beyond.

Art – 5 out 5.

Final Thoughts – This is not your parents Ultimate Universe. Literally AND figuratively. Between the final issue of Ultimate Invasion and this issues printing, we’ve learned that this Earth is not 1610 (the actual Ultimate Universe), but a new universe with the designation of Earth 6160. This new world is turning out to be a very fun and interesting one now that the Maker is gone (kind of). I’m excited to see how destiny shapes things (and I’m extremely excited to see a married Parker couple again in a few months, as well as Peach Momoko’s X-men). The future is bright for this line.

Final score: 4 out of 5

Publisher:  Marvel
Writer:  Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramanga
Cover Artists: Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair
Genre:  Superhero
Format: Monthly
Release Date: 11/01/23

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