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Ultimate Black Panther 3 Review

Ultimate Black Panther 3 Review Matt Fischer

Summary: If I didn’t read the cover of the book, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this book and a standard Black Panther book. This book is now 3 issues in and still doesn’t really have a driving point to it.


Same old stuff

Background – T’Challa goes deeper into Wakanda and Shuri might not be all that great of a sister.

WritingT’Challa – Right away, it is made very obvious that this version of Killmonger has respect for T’Challa. He sees that the king can be a valuable ally but has to have his eyes opened to the larger fight at hand (the fight being not against just Ra and Khonshu) but from what the final panel of the book suggests, against the Maker’s Council as well. The writing ALMOST touches deeper notes when it comes to T’Challa’s trust issues and whether he thinks he knows Wakanda or not, but refuses to go any further than just the surface. I hope there is more to this than just a retread from the main universe of “Black Panther thinks he knows Wakanda, but some things can still surprise him” storyline that has been worn out already. All that being said, the book’s best parts involve Storm and Erik. They seem to be very much in tune with the land and its entertaining to read such a calm and cool Killmonger. We still don’t know if Storm is a mutant in this reality or if she is empowered by something else. I can’t imagine the word mutant being said in this book though. I’m sure that Peach Momoko has a plan for that over in her neck of the woods. I‘m hoping they lean less into the mutant angle for Storm and more into the actual elemental goddess moniker that she has earned over the course of her existence.

Moon Knight – Ra and Khonshu get a rest this week. (They don’t even appear in the book.)

Shuri – Okoye has come to Shuri to find out where T’Challla has gone. After refusing to tell her, Okoye challenges her to a duel and if she wins, Shuri spills the beans. Needless to say, Shuri wins. While I appreciate Shuri imploring Okoye to trust T’Challa, I’m starting to think that maybe Okoye ISN’T the one who is about to betray T’Challa and be revealed as the spy. Shuri seems WAY too pushy when it comes to gaining Okoye’s trust. That and her last line also indicates that she may not believe what T’Challa is doing for their people is the right course of action. Hmmm…

Artwork – With Stefano Caselli taking over art in this issue, we get something new: a BLUE SKY! Wakanda no longer sits underneath a perpetual blood orange and pink sky which is a refreshing thing to see (although that color sky DOES appear before the end of the book.) Killmonger is drawn much younger than T’Challa in this reality, which lends more credence to the fact that he and Storm are part of the youth revolting against Ra and Khonshu that wish to protect their country. Storm… looks like Storm. I mean, she does look slightly younger than the Storm of the 616 but that’s also partly because 616 Storm has been through a lot since 2019 and is drawn to show that.

Final Thoughts – If I didn’t read the cover of the book and see that Killmonger was much younger, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this book and a standard Black Panther book. I think it was my last review where I mentioned being disappointed that Ra and Khonshu seem to only be after the vibranium like every other villain ever. The team had the opportunity to completely shift the Black Panther mythos on its head for this book, but took what this reviewer considers the easy route. Wakanda was hidden once again, vibranium is sought after, and a king doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does. While the final page does FINALLY offer a chance at something new, this book is now 3 issues in and still doesn’t really have a driving point to it.

I’m still willing to give it the benefit of trust, however. Let’s hope the arc can stick the landing in the second half and give us something new.

Comic details

Publisher: Marvel
Writer:  Bryan Hill
Artist: Stefano Caselli
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Artist: Stefano Caselli & David Curiel
Genre:  Superhero
Format: Monthly
Release Date: 04/17/2024

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