Published on November 9th, 2020 | by Scott De Lacy

Twin Mirror First look

Twin Mirror – Preview

The folks at DONTNOD entertainment slipped an advanced preview of Twin Mirror our way, allowing us to play a significant portion of the first episode of this immersive narrative.

This story follows Sam Higgs as he apprehensively returns to his home town for the funeral of his best friend Nick Waldron, only to end up going through a journey of discovery and intrigue.

This psychological thriller takes place in the country town of Basswood West Virginia, but also within Sam’s mind as he must rely on his memories and special talents of investigation and intuition as an investigative journalist to discover the truth.

As you can see from the preview, there is a clear distinction between the reality and the elements of the game that take place in Sam’s mind, the trailer doesn’t do this justice – some of Sam’s mind scenes are an explosive orgy of awesome.

As a narrative story driven game, the player is offered a number of choices that influence the story as it unfolds. This was evident during the play through with decisions having repercussions and influencing dialog between Sam and NPC Anna Miller.

The graphics, voice acting, play style and frictionless captivating story-line and intrigue are 100% perfected to deliver complete emotional resonance visually, auditory and intellectually.

This preview was insanely good and impossible to ‘put down’; so much so that Twin Mirror is set to significantly raise the bar for this type of genre. Upon finishing this playable preview in its entirety and in a single sitting, an email was sent to the Impulse Gamer editor in the early hours of the morning;

DONTNOD's Twin Mirror - First look reaction

Email sent to the editor at 2:28AM November 5th 2020. Some words redacted by the author, for reasons.

Enough said.

Get your copy

You can (and probably should) pre-order your copy of Twin Mirror from DONTNOD’s official release website.

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