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Triple Rewards on Hotring Circuit, Issi Classic and RC Bandito Races

Plus Stunt Race Bonuses, Vehicle Discounts & More

Net some serious danger money this week by risking life and limb on the track, with Double and Triple Rewards available across four different race modes. Plus, score discounts of up to 40% on a heavyweight lineup of racing vehicles and liveries, a free hoodie and more – read on for the full rundown:

Squeeze into your firesuit, jump behind the wheel of your heavily-decaled Declasse Hotring Sabre  and compete with up to 29 other cars in Hotring Circuit Races for 3X GTA$ & RP all week long. Brush up on a few tips to make the most of your time on the track – keep one eye on your rearview for competitors riding your coattails, and one eye out front to avoid any inevitable pile-ups.

Just because the cars are pint-sized doesn’t mean the stakes are any smaller. Au contraire​​​​: all Issi Classic Races pay out Triple Rewards this week, as do all 15 RC Bandito Races. So whether it’s a remote-controlled deal or a European compact, the payouts are more than fun-sized.

There are plenty of reasons to be a death-defying stuntman or stuntwoman any day of the week: fame, glory, the tight embrace of an all-leather racesuit – to name but a few. And that’s saying nothing of the Double Payouts and Rewards on all Rockstar Stunt Races and Time Trials, running all the way through July 3rd.

When speeding down the highway on the back of a high-powered motorcycle, it’s style first and safety second. We’ve got you covered when it comes to the former: simply play GTA Online any time this week and collect the Nagasaki White Hoodie free of charge.

If you need a vehicle to soup up and speed off in – be it the track-ready Progen T20 or the timeless Dinka Jester Classic – there are plenty of discounts to take advantage of this week, including:

For all current special events, bonuses, discounts including this week’s lineup of Premium Races and more, visit the Social Club Events page.

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