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Speak like an Action Hero with Trendstopper, the new browser extension created by World of Tanks and approved by Dolph Lundgren

Action Hero. The name once evoked images of brawny characters performing impossible karate moves, big guns and even bigger action. Images of Stallone on a rampage of revenge, Uma killing Bill, or Norris punching through a car like a knife through warm butter. Being an action hero meant shaving with a jagged bit of metal, hanging off the side of a helicopter, wrestling an alligator in a show of strength and keeping your feelings locked up tight in your cold, yet beating heart.

But this image is all but dead these days. It’s been buried under a sea of gluten-free, artisanal nonsense. Not only has the image of the action hero died—it’s also affected the way we speak. Who’ll rescue us from an avalanche of twerking? Who’ll save us from drowning in an ocean of “on-point, shade-throwing, basics, fam?”

World of Tanks will save us, that’s who. You don’t create a game about being a true action hero —World of Tanks—without knowing what it takes to be rugged.  In World of Tanks, you’ll find everyday heroes blowing up enemy vehicles and backing up their squad. But why let being an action hero stop once the battle’s over? By bringing Dolph Lundgren on board, we’re letting you inject a little bit of heroism into your lingo as you browse the internet.

With April Fools’ Day just around the corner, World of Tanks is helping to protect you from the onslaught of hipster slang by replacing it with words fit for an action hero, 100% approved by Dolph!

The Trendstopper browser extension will block the soft, hipster jargon from your internet experience and replace it with a true action hero’s vocabulary. The extension pinpoints so called “trendy” phrases on the websites you visit and offers a Dolph Lundgren-approved replacement. Containing over 150 definitions brimming with so much testosterone your chest will explode with hair, Trendstopper lets you view the internet through the eyes of a true action hero and is free to add to your browser.

Try the new browser extension from World of Tanks now and make your internet rugged.

Dolph’s already tested it:

Technical requirements:

  • Chrome, Opera

Download the extension:

Or search Trendstopper in your Chrome or Opera browser extensions store.

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