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Trainlord (2022) by Oliver Mol Review

Trainlord (2022) by Oliver Mol Review Tim Chuma

Summary: This book is truly pointless. My patience for this sort of nonesense has buggered off down the pub by this point. A lot of people went over to other jobs during the pandemic and have not gone back it's not that rare now.



The reason why people hate writers and creative people is due to stereotypes perpetuated due to some in the media and creative industries. Books like this do not help at all. This is 100% an exercise in someone having a huge pull and getting someone else to front up the bill.

My patience for this sort of rubbish has long since fucked off down the pub and I would have much rather been finishing the Terry Pratchett biography, watching Youtube videos, drawing dogs or hammering a nail into my dick.

Purporting show one person’s journey through recovery but this clearly could have been just one act play if that and not all this garbage. It just goes on and on with no real point to it and it doesn’t really seem to be for anyone. TISM said it best:

A lot of people I know have not gone back to the jobs they had before the pandemic and having a midlife career change seems to be par for the course these days. Just having to work in anything to survive is hardly new and people who actually have to do that do not appreciate tourists coming in and “slumming it” in their profession. It’s already been done better elsewhere also so I would advise you to read those books instead.

I did end up finishing the book but hated the fact that I could have spent my time doing something else more productive and ended up finishing it just out of spite in the end. Not recommended at all even if you want to see if it is that bad. I am not going to give it zero stars as that would give it some notoriety and authors love that.


Book details:

Published: 2 August 2022

ISBN: 9780241525074

Imprint: Michael Joseph

Format: Trade Paperback

Pages: 272

RRP: $35.00

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