Published on July 1st, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

TP-Link’s Tapo C410 KIT is a solar-powered security camera that brings sustainability to home surveillance

Power your security camera with just 45 minutes of sunlight exposure per day, and still get colour night vision, all with an integrated, wire-free installation.

TP-Link’s Tapo family of smart wire-free security cameras has a new member, the C410 KIT. Its internal 180-day battery is recharged via an integrated solar panel for 24/7 security, and the panel itself is part of the mount, for a clean and simple wire-free install. Plus IP65 dust and weatherproofing mean the C410 KIT can be positioned outside, in any reasonably sheltered position.

Uninterrupted power supply
Tapo owners can connect the Tapo A201 solar panel to add solar power to an installed camera, but this requires an extra mounting point and a wired connection to the camera. In the C410 KIT, the solar panel is integrated into the mount, and all power is routed internally for a streamlined, true wire-free look.

Just 45 minutes of sunlight exposure is enough to give the camera’s internal battery enough charge for a full day of coverage, resulting in a 24/7 security solution that does not require periodic charging or back up power.1

For those periods of heavy overcast and rain, when fully charged, the Tapo C410 KIT offers up to 180 days of operation on battery alone.2 This makes the camera ideal for properties or locations that need infrequent visits or maintenance (actual battery life may be shorter depending on how often the camera is activated).

2K Live View
The Tapo C410 KIT boasts a 2K 3MP sensor, and captures more detail than a traditional 1080p sensor, which could make all the difference when it comes to security. Photos and videos alike are clearer, and important fine details such as faces and small text may be easier to make out.

Colour Night Vision
At night, instead of grainy black and white footage, the Tapo C410 KIT boosts colours in low light, for a more natural image that makes objects easy to identify and enhances your security. Supporting nighttime operation, built-in spotlights on the C410 KIT activate automatically in low-light conditions and can be activated manually when required.

Free AI Detection
Smart AI accurately identifies people and notifies users via the Tapo app, reducing false alarms and annoying unnecessary alerts. This functionality is included and does not require a monthly subscription.

Tapo C425 and Tapo C425 KIT also available
For even greater security capability, the Tapo C425 and C425 KIT are also available. This camera gets a 2K QHD sensor and 300 days of battery life,3 and the standalone Tapo C425 comes with a sleek magnetic attachment, for a true wire-free design that makes positioning easy and recharging convenient. The Tapo C425 KIT uses an integrated solar panel for eco-friendly security and the convenience of solar-powered recharging.

The TP-Link Tapo C410 KIT sells for $AU149 and $NZ199, with full product details available on the TP-Link website. Tapo surveillance cameras are supported by an ecosystem of Tapo devices designed to help people adopt a smart home lifestyle at an affordable cost, including sensors, lights, plugs, switches and robot vacuums. Tapo products are supported by up to 2 years warranty, with 1 year warranty offered on battery cameras. Tapo products are available from all authorised TP-Link partners and retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

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