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Total War: ARENA Developer Diaries #6 Released

Discover how history reveals the unique attributes of each faction’s units

In the latest episode of Total War: ARENA’s Developer Diaries, Luke Kneller gets stuck into how different units mirror their authentic roles in battle and discusses the history of factions with Jan van der Crabben (Lead Metagame Designer) and Joshua Williams (Developer Communications).

With every faction following a strong historical blueprint, each player can find a faction and commander that fits their play style, but it’s the uniqueness of the units themselves that allows for incredibly diverse yet specific tactics. Did you know Germanic cavalry were better for scouting than other horseback units, that Falxmen used their specially curved blades to cut through Roman shields, or that a well-thrown bullet from a sling had the power of a .44 magnum?

Get stuck into the details with the Creative Assembly team here:

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