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Top 5 games and their perfect food match by Bajo (Steven O’Donnell)

Deliveroo Saves Lazy Bajo

Bajo’s Restaurant Location: Wollongong Region

I am a terrible cook. I am terrible at planning to cook. Every now and then I buy a bunch of ingredients and they all go off before I do anything with them. I am barely an adult.

Does this sound familiar? If you’re like me, then you probably order a lot of delivery. As a Twitch streamer who mostly works nights, it’s usually 8pm before I start wondering why my head is sore and my tummy hurts. Oh yeah – food!  Then, I reach for my phone to order, and awkwardly eat in front of my viewers.

This week I’ve partnered with Deliveroo to bring you my favourite lazy order recommendations! To help, I’ve themed them around some of my favourite games of the year.

1) Read Dead Redemption 2 RIBS!

Ok first up, don’t eat this on your keyboard. This goes for all food. Keep your keyboard and controllers clean. Please. I’ll know if you don’t. Especially with all American Ribs. While you sit back and watch the sunset in real time along the dusty plains of RDR2, thinking about all those you’ve helped (or not helped) along the way, put on a bib and smash some ribs!

Restaurant:  Criniti’s

Available in VIC & NSW

2) Fallout 76’s post-apocalyptic meaty-goodness!

When traversing the wasteland, protein is very important.  My go-to burger joint is His Boy Elroy and their Fatboy burger, with extra meat of course needed to survive the post-apocalyptic wasteland!  Much like the Fallout weapon of the same name, the Fatboy packs a mighty punch…

Restaurant: His Boy Elroy

Only in Wollongong, but you can head here for American eats in your area.

3) Detroit: Become Human with vegan sustenance!

My game of the year so far is all about androids wanting to find their own way in the world, and be treated as humans. When I want to feel human, I swipe past the deep-fried section and go straight for vegan tacos. Actual healthy food, in my body. I’ve never felt so alive.

Restaurant: Zambrero

Available nationwide

4) PUBG/COD BLOPS4: BLACKOUT with chicken!

When I’m playing PUBG or BLACKOUT, I have a lot of downtime.  This is because I prefer to hide and let my team do all the work. Nothing like an actual chicken dinner to make myself feel better about never actually winning a chicken dinner.

Restaurant: KFC

Available nationwide

5) Subnautica

There really is nothing like the underwater discovery of Subnautica.  Eating sushi really does feel like the right kind of revenge for all the sea creatures who cause me grief and spook me to tears.

The best local sushi spots, here.

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