Published on June 13th, 2021 | by Tony Smith

Too Crowded Book Review (Lena Podesta)

Too Crowded Book Review (Lena Podesta) Tony Smith

Summary: A Fish Tale


Crowded House

Welcome to Too Crowded, a delightful hardcover about a little gold fish who calls his fish bowl home. Unfortunately for our little fish, they know anything about their bowl that includes a castle and 138 pebbles that they need to clean everyday.

Unfortunately their house is too crowded and one day, this little fish goes on an adventure to find a bigger house as they explore a birds nest, a cat’s house, a turtle’s house who tells our little adventure that they need water to survive!

What? Gag Help! Gasp! Glub…

Thankfully the turtle calls from help as the owner of this little gold fish comes running and helps the back into their bowl. However the young owner gives this little fish a new friend and that friend is the friendly turtle who become the best of friends and that their new home is now crowded but rather, just perfect.


Too Crowded by Lena Podesta is a beautifully written and illustrated book that is not only super colourful but has art that literally bounces. All in all, a charming book for the younger reader.


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