PC Games Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Review

Published on February 19th, 2024 | by S. Masoud Kazemi

Tomb Raider Remastered I-III Starring Lara Croft Review

Tomb Raider Remastered I-III Starring Lara Croft Review S. Masoud Kazemi

Summary: Tomb Raider Remastered I-III Starring Lara Croft Is a Good Visual Upgrade, Nothing Else


Visually Improved

When it comes to playing a remake or remastered version of a game, the very first question that pops into my head is “Was it necessary?” In the case of Tomb Raider 1-3 I would say pretty much but is it worth it or a properly remastered game? That’s a bit more complicated.

The first three games of the Tomb Raider franchise are truly iconic and important for introducing one of the most famous female lead characters in the video game industry. Therefore, a remastered version of the game is amazing in preserving such an important product. But the issue comes from the question “Who was this game made for?”

In Tomb Raider Remastered I-III, the biggest changes are a modern control system and improved visuals. And yet the modern controls are still not good enough, even for someone who played the original games a bit. The rigid body of Lara Croft in all three games is the same as the original game which tightens the movement for the player. For that reason, platforming becomes such a struggle all the time.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Review

Wish that wasn’t the only issue with platforming and controlling Lara. The camera jerks in thigh spaces, especially when you aim at enemies, and ends with nothing but frustration. All of it made me appreciate how much video games have thrived and changed for good. In terms of gameplay, there isn’t any improvement or change to it which makes the combat frustrating as well.

Therefore, I would close this thesis by saying that the majority of new players will struggle a lot with controlling and platforming this game. But what I enjoyed most about the game was the good old-fashioned exploring. It is amazing how the puzzles and locked doors in the game will tell you what you need without any hint which makes the process of figuring them out much more satisfying.

Tomb Raider I-III Remsatered Review

This brings me to the next great point of all three Tomb Raider games: level design. The level design in these games is nothing less than a masterpiece. I was shocked more than a few times by how everything is such great placements that will make the players confused in the right amount, so solving the puzzles or overcoming platforming obstacles is much more satisfying.

Lastly, the most notable change in the remastered version of these games is the visuals. What I truly admire about the visual upgrade of the game is that it has stayed true to the essence of the main games. The visual soul of the original games can be sensed throughout all the truly amazing games. The fact that you can switch back and forth between upgraded and original visuals is a cool feature that will add a unique sense of nostalgia to the game as well.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Review

Final Thoughts

Tomb Raider Remastered I-III is more of an updated version of the main games rather than a fully remastered one. Apart from the new modern control which still struggles to keep up with today’s standards, there isn’t anything new to the game. While that may be good for the old fans of the series, it will create a struggle for new players and therefore not be able to enjoy some of the best exploration games out there.

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