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Tips to surviving the first term at Uni: Top ten must have apps for uni students

The first term at a new unican be exhausting – navigating campuses, making friends and using your brain for the first time in what is likely to be months may leave you feeling weary. On top of that, the reality of study, assignments and deadlines can make a new student feel the pressure. With recent studies* showing that almost half (49%) of Aussie Gen Ys often feel stressed in their day to day lives, it’s no surprise that students may feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting the uni semester in the coming weeks.  But whether it’s study, socialising or simply survival, check out this list of clever apps that will help you navigate term one like a pro.

Hey You:

Summer holidays are at a close which may require rising out of bed before 10am. Lucky Hey You has your back with half price coffee for the whole semester, available to anyone who opens a Westpac Choice account for students (limit of one per day, valid until June 17). Hey You is a cafe and restaurant ordering app that lets customers beat the queue by ordering ahead and paying through their mobile, so getting your caffeine hit will be cheap and easy.  

Lost on Campus

Your first day at uni can be daunting enough, so stress less about finding your way around campus with Lost On Campus. With maps from 42 campuses and over 36,000 locations in Australia, the app will guide you in the right direction – whether it’s a lecture theatre, toilet block or vending machine.  You can even see other users’ comments, so you can easily find the best coffee or cheapest parking spots.  


Feeling overwhelmed when looking at the madly scribbled notes, due dates and timetables in your diary? iStudiezPro combines tracking your class schedule, assignments and grades to help you stay on track with your studies, sending you nifty reminders for upcoming classes and due dates and compiling all of this info into a neatly summarised daily schedule.  


Upload your assignments to the cloud so that no matter where you are, you can edit, revise or submit your work. Dropbox helps you to easily collaborate with classmates, allowing you to work together without the limits of location or time. It also provides a simple solution to store and share your work, and when it comes to submitting it’s already in the cloud, ready to be uploaded to your student portal.  


If your handwriting is lacking readability or your notebook is in need of order, it might be worth giving Evernote ago. Evernote not only lets you to type your notes, you can also attach images and audio, add your location and search for keywords at the click of a button. Your notes are also available across multiple devices and can be easily uploaded to the cloud, wherever you are.  


Need a study buddy at your beck and call? Whatever it is, MentalCase will help you learn it. Simply enter your subject of choice in the form of brief mental notes, which are then transferred to flashcards that can contain text, images, audio and even video. Once you have a set of notes prepared, you can study them in beautifully presented slideshows with the swipe of your thumb, making studying less of a chore. 

WiFi Finder
Don’t get caught out internetless and afraid, WiFi finder helps you find free or paid public WiFi hotspots online or offline. When you urgently need to submit that assignment or have some time to kill to do some study, the app will help you search for WiFi anywhere in the world. 


Gone are the days of stingey housemates and being left out of pocket. Splittable lets you split bills with your housemates, so whether it’s for a new roll of toilet paper, the electricity bill or rent, you can see who owes what at a glance, pay people back, and see who should be paying for the next thing. 

The Happiest Hour

Uni can’t be all about study, right? Track down the best happy hour deals at your local pubs and bars to blow off some steam and save your cash while you’re at it. You can search specials by location, time and beverage of choice, so you can be sure to find something that will wet your whistle.  


For many of students, starting a new year at uni means heading back to the dorms and leaving those home cooked meals for a diet of packet soups and tuna. To soften that hip pocket pain, Deliveroo are offering a special discount for uni students during the first week of the semester so students can enjoy quality meals for a little longer. Simply download the app and use the voucher code “UNIROO” to receive $15 off your order up until the 8th of March. Deliveroo is the perfect app for when you’re on a role studying or want to organise a fun dinner for a group study session. So long two-minute noodles! 



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