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Tim Vine Interview (The 2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival)

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How does a human punchline work?

A human punchline? Hmm a strange phrase. A punchline works by surprising the listener. The surprise creates the laugh. Not all surprises are funny of course otherwise jumping out at strangers in a dark alley would be hilarious and it’s not.

Tell about your brand of comedy?

I do short jokes but in my chat show I also chat in search of a laugh. I try to get to the laughs quickly though if I can.

Who inspires you?

Elvis Presley, my parents, the vast majority of comedians, some preachers.

How did you become a comedian?

I went to a comedy club in London when they had a competition night and did five minutes. After that I was hooked.

Have you ever used your powers as a comedian for evil?

Not knowingly. What a frightening thought. Death by One liners. I may have come close to it.


Tell us a little about your show at the 2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival?

The Tim Vine chat show is me interviewing members of the audience. It’s great fun. Everyone has a story to tell!

If we come in late, will you abuse us?

No. Your punishment will simply be that you might have missed the best bit of the show.

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on stage?

I was a guest on a tv gameshow the other day and a bat flew past my face. Actually that was more random than funny.


oh….I didn’t read this question before i answered the last one. For the answer to this question read the answer to the previous one.

Sum up your show in 10 words or less?

Tim Vine interviews members of the audience and it’s funny.

Thanks for your time Tim and kick some goals at the 2014 Melbourne Comedy 

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