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Tile Introduces Powerful New Line-Up, Features a Tile for Everything

Tile, the world’s leading smart location company, today launches an all-new hardware line-up, including Tile’s most innovative tracker yet, Sticker; a new sleek form factor for Slim; and expanded range for classics Pro and Mate. Together, this next generation of Tile products unlocks more use cases and greater functionality to help customers find their belongings in every situation.

“Over the years we’ve seen our customers use Tile for a variety of items,” said CJ Prober, Tile CEO. “From wallets to remote controls, power tools to backpacks, our customers have shown us they want a Tile for everything. We’ve designed our new product line to empower the Tile community to find literally anything.”

2019 Hardware Line-Up

Sticker is waterproof, adhesive-backed and Tile’s smallest finder to date. Tile partnered with 3M to design the adhesive for Sticker, so users can rest assured that once placed, Sticker will stay put. This cost-effective and effortless tracking solution comes with a full three-year battery life and 45 metres (150 feet) range, enabling users the convenience to track their items without restrictions. Sticker can be attached to anything, including remote controls, cameras, and outdoor gear.

Tile also introduces a sleeker Slim, now in the shape of a credit card. This new low-profile premium design can easily slip into narrow spaces, making it a perfect fit for wallets, luggage tags, and other hidden spots. Discreet in shape and size, this Tile is still powerful with a longer 60 metres (200 feet) range and nearly twice the volume of the previous Slim. Slim also boasts a full three-years of battery life.

The new Mate and Pro models have extended range, enabling users to locate things faster no matter where they are. For those who value high-performance, durability and strong design, Pro continues to deliver as the most powerful finder on the market with an unprecedented Bluetooth range of 120 metres (400 feet). With improved findability, Tile is committed to greater peace of mind, at a time when the average person spends nearly a year of their lifetime endlessly trying to locate misplaced valuables.

Mate is a versatile finder to attach to everyday items such as keys, drink bottles, kids’ pencil cases and backpacks; and now has a Bluetooth range of 60 metres (200 feet), 15 metres (50 feet) longer than the previous iteration.

A Personal Search Party: Led by the Global Tile Community

Tile has made it easier to find items by consistently expanding the Bluetooth range and volume level of its hardware devices. But the technological leadership does not stop there. For those moments when an item is truly lost or left behind, it’s the Tile Community that steps in to help. Once an item is marked as lost, if any member of the Tile Community spots the missing item, the owner is automatically notified with its location. Tile’s ever expanding Community, comprised of all customers with the Tile app as well as access points, finds more than 90% of items marked as lost.

“Our customers increasingly rely on Tile to find and keep track of all of their belongings,” said Prober. “Whether it’s their backpacks, their cameras, or their keys, the Tile community comes together to locate lost items. With more customers using our expanded hardware line-up, more partners adopting our technology, and more access points coming to market every day, we continue to deliver the most versatile and powerful finding platform.”

Pricing and Availability

All four products will be available today at Tile.com and major retailers; including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks and Kogan.

  • Tile Sticker: Available in Black, starting from $49.99 RRP AUD for a 2-pack, $79.99 RRP AUD for a 4-pack.
  • Tile Slim: Available in Black for $39.99 RRP AUD.
  • Tile Mate: Available in White, for $34.99 RRP AUD.
  • Tile Pro: Available in Black and White, for  $44.99 RRP AUD.

With gifting season around the corner, Tile has multi packs available.

  • Pro Combo: 2-Pack at $79.99 RRP AUD and 4-Pack $149.99 RRP AUD.
  • Mate Combo: 4-Pack available at $99.99 RRP AUD.
  • Tile Family Combo: 2 Tile Stickers, 1 Tile Slim, 1 Tile Mate available for $99.99 RRP AUD.
  • Tile Combo: 2 Tile Slims and 2 Tile Mates, available for $109.99 RRP AUD.

For more information on styles, pricing and general availability, please contact your local retailers or visit Tile.

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