Published on June 12th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning


A brand-new title, from the makers of Road 96 – DigixArt Studio – made its debut at the Summer Game Fest Day of the Devs with a stunning trailer giving viewers a flavour of the game.

Watch the trailer here:

Tides of Tomorrow is an adventure game, set on an ocean planet, Elynd, where life is facing extinction from a deadly disease.

Players have to explore the various floating towns and villages across the world, deal with threats and try and find a cure.

Facing you are three different factions – all with their own pros and cons – and players have to choose their allies carefully, as every decision has the potential to create new adversaries.

What is more, decisions players make will have consequences for others following in your footsteps and the games unique asynchronous system allows players to follow their friends or streamers of their choice and react to their actions.

We wanted to explore a different world – in this case an oceanic one – and inject a little fantasy element too,” said DigixArt’s  Studio’s Director Yoan Fanise.

“Additionally, we wanted to push the boundaries of how we constructed the narrative of Road 96 and develop some real innovation into storytelling; with Tides of Tomorrow your choices impact not just your world but other players too. I think we’ve come up with something very innovative”

Wishlist the game on Steam:

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