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This Week at Bungie, We’re Dusting off the Bounty Book

This week at Bungie, there was a bit of Mayhem in the Bungie studio.

In a ritual as old as the Crucible, a bounty was placed on the heads of a Bungie Fireteam – this time, in the Mayhem playlist. If the community managed to defeat the team, they would earn the Sign of Mutual Combat emblem.

Bungie Wins: 9

Losses: 5

The air was supercharged for the duration of our two-hour stream. Twenty of you earned your prize. As for the rest, better luck next time.

Throughout the carnage, Sandbox Design Lead Josh Hamrick and Senior Crucible Designer Kevin Yanes answered questions sourced directly from the community. If you missed the stream (or want to revisit the developer commentary on the hot-button issues), head over here.

1.1.4 Retrospective: Weekly Crucible Playlists

Last week, Update 1.1.4 introduced the Weekly Crucible Playlist. For the first game type, Rumble served up some 8-player free-for-all combat where players had to watch their own backs, because no one else would. Monitoring feedback throughout the week, we noted quite a few players reporting that the mode felt a bit crowded. We tracked down PvP Design Lead Derek Carroll to give us some details on the goals of the Weekly Crucible Playlist, and what we can expect moving forward. To read more, head over here.

Feedback collection doesn’t stop here. As you play your way through Mayhem, continue to give us your thoughts! The team are translating your feedback to the development team as it comes in. We’ll be at the ready to collect more of your thoughts and feedback next week, when Iron Banner 6v6 goes live.

Speaking Of…


With Update 1.1.4, Iron Banner now features 6v6 action. All Season 2 Iron Banner weapons will be available from Lord Saladin through either Reward Packages, or direct purchase using Iron Banner Tokens.

Begins: Tuesday, April 11 in ANZ

Ends: Tuesday, April 18 in ANZ

The game is Control!

With 6 enemies to choose from, you may find more opportunities to earn progress towards your Season 2 ornaments. Good luck out there.

Rare Air


If you follow the conversation that ricochets between the leaders of the Destiny community (and why wouldn’t you?) you may have heard that the team invited some of them to visit the studio. Later on this month, the team are hosting a Community Summit, right here at Bungie. To read more, head over here.


Movie of the Week

This week, we’re putting the spotlight on someone who’s taken it upon themselves to not only apply a massive handicap during a Prestige Nightfall, but also opted to take the whole thing on by themselves. If you’ve been wondering “how does the Arcstrider feel after Update 1.1.4?” – tune in to find out:

If you’d like a chance to earn the Lens of Fate emblem, make sure to submit your video to the Creations page on and include #MOTW in your title.

Next week, the team will be updating the Developer Roadmap to address some of the topics discussed during the bounty stream. The forecast will be extended into the summer (and beyond) to give an idea of what is to be expected as the team continue to evolve the Destiny 2 experience.

Finally, a quick shout out to the top-scoring players from last week’s Nightfall. We’re watching the scores climb higher and higher while players hit Lost Sectors during their activity – but this strategy will only last until 1.2.0. Get those points while they’re hot!

For more information, head on over to

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