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This week at Bungie, we witnessed a Gunslinger’s last stand

This week at Bungie, we witnessed a Gunslinger’s last stand.

Destiny 2: Forsaken opens with an explosive jailbreak in the Prison of Elders. As the most notorious outlaws in the system escape their confines, the only thing standing between them and our home is you and Cayde-6, the most legendary Hunter sworn to protect the City.

A Vanguard doesn’t go down without a fight. Witness Cayde’s last stand as he fights off a barrage of enemies here.

You will be able to experience the full story of Cayde’s fate and claim your revenge when Forsaken launches on September 5 in ANZ.

That wasn’t the only thing the team showed off on the Blizzard stage at Gamescom — they also announced an upcoming 24-hour Gambit Trial that is free to all players of Destiny 2. More details here.

If you want to give Gambit a try before Forsaken, the competitive co-op activity will be on full display September 2 in ANZ.

Gambit 24-Hour Trial

Begins: 3 AM AEST September 2

Ends: 3 AM AEST September 3 

You will have to wait until after September 5 to start earning Gambit-specific rewards and ranking up your Infamy, but you will still see some Year 1 reward drops. Gambit stats will not be recorded during the 24-hour trial, but they will be available for tracking on after September 5.

About That Time

Many of you have been reaching out with questions about start times and dates. You want to know the exact time you will be able to start hunting down Uldren and his Barons, and then, when you can turn your might toward whatever horrors await you within the raid.

On September 5, there will be a day one patch that players will need to download before they can play Forsaken. Destiny 2 will be brought down for maintenance at 12 AM AEST, and we anticipate that the patch will become available to players on all platforms by 12:30 AM AEST. Maintenance will end at 3 AM AEST, and assuming you have completed your download, you can start playing Forsaken at that time.

The next date we know you want to circle on your calendar is when the raid will open up and when the race for World First will begin. Here is Senior Designer Joe Blackburn to tell you more.

Joe: Forsaken is proof that the full Destiny 2 experience is just beginning when the campaign comes to a close. With so many new things to do and so much Power to gain, we knew that players would need more than just three days to prepare for the incredible challenges of Forsaken’s raid. That’s why “Last Wish,” the next chapter in Destiny’s raiding legacy, goes live on September 15 at 3 AM AEST, a week and a half after you’ll have first set foot on the Tangled Shore. Good luck, Guardians.

Mod Squad

There has been some confusion about the new mods coming on September 5. Many of you are asking what gear will take mods and what will happen to the old mods when the new hotness arrives. We brought in Design Lead Joe Shamrock to answer these questions. Read more here.

Patch Notes Sneak Peak

Next Wednesday, a lot of changes go into effect. We have covered many of them in the combat stream and previous TWABs. But there are still a few more bullet points to fire out. To check out a few more things changing in Update 2.0.0 on August 29 in ANZ, head over here.

Movie of the Week 

It’s time to fire up the reel. We have the movies, you have the eyeballs. Let’s introduce them. All of these movies are created by the community, and everyone who worked on them will receive a special emblem for their efforts. For your chance at winning Movie of the Week, submit your movie to the Creations page.

Here are this week’s winners:

Before we go, here are last week’s top Nightfall scores. Remember, Nightfall scoring will be disabled next week.

We’re close now. Next week, everyone gets to experience some of the major system and sandbox changes coming to Destiny 2. Forsaken comes in hot off the heels of that release, and you will have a little more breathing room to get raid ready for September 15 in ANZ.

The team are looking forward to playing some Gambit with the community during the 24-hour trial.

The team will also be at PAX next week! If you are attending, swing by their booth. They will be doing some signing and Gambit will be playable. The Bungie store will also be there with Destiny themed merchandise.

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