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This Week At Bungie, we sent you on a quest

This week at Bungie, we sent you on a quest.

As trick-or-treaters take stock of their sweet loot in real life, our own Festival of the Lost is entering its final stage. If you have yet to earn the mask that has eluded you, or still need to get your 600 Power Horror Story, you have until Wednesday, November 7 (in ANZ). To close out the festivities, Amanda has a final quest. Over the next three weeks, she will unleash you in pursuit of those who killed Master Ives, the less-hated of the Cryptarchs. Each week offers up a new step in the quest, along with a powerful reward.

Happy hunting.

Getting Granular with Masterwork Armour

There have been some questions on how damage resistance works when Masterworking armour. In an effort to better explain some mechanics in the game where tooltips fall short, we are going to dive into some specifics. To explain the maths that goes into protecting your Guardian from incoming Arc barrages, Sandbox Tester Ryan Hammond will approach the chalkboard.

Ryan: Hello everyone. Here is a brief rundown on how Masterworking your armour increases your damage resistance from both all incoming elemental damage from combatants and all damage during your Super.

Masterwork Armour Breakdown:

  • Three families of Masterwork perks: Arc, Solar, and Void
  • Each family of perks has five tiers
  • Each Legendary armour item has a Masterwork perk, randomly assigned, allowing each player to potentially build up 25 cumulative tiers of Masterworks for a given damage type
  • Each tier bestows the following effects:
      • +1% damage resistance against any combatant attack carrying the specified damage type (not player attacks)
      • +1% damage resistance against any attack while the Guardian is in Super
  • Super damage resistance stacks regardless of family disparity; for example, if a player has tier 12 Arc and tier 3 Void, they have a cumulative additional 15% damage resistance while in Super, but only 12% damage resistance vs. Arc combatant damage and 3% vs. Void combatant damage
  • The in-Super damage resistance stacks multiplicatively with the innate damage resistance of a Super

Keep in mind that while your Masterwork Super damage resistance stacks with the base damage resistance of your Supers, you will never be 100% invulnerable to attacks. Lastly, differences in power levels between the Guardian and combatants, no matter how minor it may seem, play a large role in determining incoming damage, with Damage Resistances modifying that damage further. I hope this helps explain a little better what is going on under the hood.

When we see you asking the unanswered questions, we’ll continue to use this space to seek out the answers from the people who know the facts.

Unmasking the Winners

Yesterday, the streets in our town were crowded with people on the prowl, dressed as their inner heroes or villains. On the internet, we saw the same thing. The Festival of the Lost Costume Contest was a parade of passion and creativity. Here is a recap of the winners who paraded past the followers of our official Twitter account. Each winner will receive the special emblem that we reserve for those with an artistic eye.

The winners!

Check out the winners here.

Refer Your Friends

With the weekly reset, we launched a new Refer-a-Friend program. It’s a great way to earn some new teammates and some fresh loot at the same time. The mission is simple: Introduce your friends to Forsaken and show them the ropes of the world where you’ve become the legend. You’ll earn some cool rewards along the way. Here is a look at what two Guardians are capable of when they work together.

For more information on how to refer your friends, visit this helpful resource. If you need more assistance with making the magic happen, your other friends on our Player Support team are standing by to assist you.

Scary Movies

Welcome to Movie of the Week. This is where we show you our favourite community created videos. Here is what caught our eye this week.

Movie of the Week: Spooky Church

Honourable Mention: Your Chaperone Has Arrived

Want to see your video here? Submit your video to the Creations page. If you win, we will send you a special emblem to show off to your friends.

For more information, head on over to

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