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This week at Bungie, we lit the Iron Banner again

This week at Bungie, we lit the Iron Banner again.

Iron Banner 6v6 is back for Season 3. To celebrate its return, a reprised version of the Bannerfall map has been added to the playlist. This was another fan favourite brought forward by popular demand. It will be available in the Iron Banner playlist until the next reset, when it will become available in Quick Play, Competitive, and Private Matches for all players of Destiny 2. You also might see it in Trials this weekend, but the team will let you know that for sure tomorrow!

Hive Annihilation

Escalation Protocol has been live for two weeks now. Ever since the launch of Warmind, Guardians have been bravely battling hordes of Hive on Mars. The bravest among you have gone on to defeat seven levels of bosses. As always, combat leads to feedback. Today, the team is responding to a popular request for new matchmaking systems that would unite nine players in battle. Head over here, where Lead Designer, Jacob Benton shares some comments about this new activity in Destiny.

Armour Updates

The beginning of Season 3 kicked off with changes to Exotic Weapons. “What about the armour?” has been a popular question. Today, the team is going to start answering it. This is the first wave of changes—the next are currently slated to come in July. Head over here, where Sandbox Designer, Victor Anderson shares the facts on what you can expect on May 30 in ANZ.

Bungie Versus

A few weeks ago Bungie kicked off a new type of stream where the team had a friendly match against a predetermined team of worthy opponents. Our friends at Vicarious Visions have put their quarters down and called next. If you are not familiar with VV, they have partnered with Bungie to create awesome content for Destiny 2. They want to show off their Crucible skills and see whether they can defeat the team in a friendly exhibition. Here are the details:

Bungie Versus Vicarious Visions

Team Vicarious Visions

  1. Barry Morales, Production
  2. Chris Pietrocarli, Art
  3. Paddy Hennessy, Engineering
  4. Dave Keenan, Art

Team Bungie

  1. Dmg04, Community
  2. Cozmo, Community
  3. Kevin Yanes, Crucible
  4. Victor Anderson, Sandbox

This will be a best-of-five match. Bungie will pick two game types, and VV will also pick two. The final game will be Mayhem on Bannerfall.

Movie of the Week

It’s time for our Movie of the Week. The team loves to find cool videos that the community has made and award their creators with a special emblem, the Lens of Fate.

If you would like to enter a submission, post it to the Creations page and make sure you have your player name in the description of the video.

The team has set up a Discord server that is attached to our Twitch account. They are not using it for messaging; there are plenty of Destiny 2 communities for you to seek out on Discord. The team wanted to ensure any subscribers who are supporting the Bungie Foundation can use the Twitch emotes while on Discord.

For more information, head on over to

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