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This Week at Bungie, we launched Warmind

This week at Bungie, we launched Warmind.

Guardians are breaking new ground on Mars, meeting up with Ana Bray to investigate the mysteries of Rasputin. If you haven’t had a chance to dive in yet, the team have a trailer to serve as your mission briefing. Watch it here.

For the full rundown on how all of this changes the game, check out the full Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes.

There’s more to come. Another activity is going live tomorrow…

Spire of Stars 

Your next raiding adventure goes live on May 12 at 3 a.m. AEST. If you think you’re ready, line up at the starting line to make an attempt at becoming World First to complete the new raid lair, “Spire of Stars.” The team will be watching and cheering you on as you travel back to the Leviathan to face a new challenge. Watch the trailer here.

The team will be standing by to congratulate the first fireteam to complete the activity. Good luck out there, Guardians!


The raid lair is not the only activity going live tomorrow. Trials of the Nine will return at 3 a.m. AEST with new Season 3 rewards. Here is what you can expect to earn as you battle other players for access to the Spire: 

This season will not feature new armour ornaments for Trials, but the team are working on more for the future. In the meantime, those of you who enjoy Crucible play can earn new ornaments in our Valour and Glory Ranks.

Bungie Versus 

Next week, the team are firing up the streaming studio again. This won’t be a reveal stream or a Bungie Bounty—they’ve been challenged in the ways of old by a player who claims he can defeat a Bungie Community Manager in the fires of the Crucible. PopeBear, one of the hosts of the popular Destiny Community Podcast, has bravely stepped up to go against Dmg04 in a friendly 1v1 match in Destiny 2. The stream kicks off at 11 a.m. AEST on May 17.

That won’t be the only bout. Immediately following the 1v1, Dmg04 and Pope will each be reinforced by three of their peers for a best-of-three challenge: Bungie Versus Destiny Community Podcast. Here are the lineups:

Team Destiny Community Podcast

  1. PopeBear
  2. Ms 5ooo Watts
  3. TeftyTeft
  4. TheBriarRabbit

Team Bungie

  1. Dmg04
  2. Cozmo
  3. Josh Hamrick
  4. ???

All matches will take place in Private Matches. Game types will be chosen on the stream. May the best team win!

Who do you think is going to come out on top in the 1v1 match? There is currently a poll running that you can vote in. The team’s pick is Dmg04, but you have to admire PopeBear’s resolve.

Movie of the Week

Let’s check in on our weekly visit to the Creations page to see what cool movies the community has put together.

This was a short one. The team know you have new things to do and itemAs to earn, so we won’t keep you away from the game with a lot of words. They are monitoring your feedback on anything and everything you’re playing in the update and keeping track of the changes you’re enjoying and what you think could be better in the future.

Have fun in the raid lair tomorrow!

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