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This Week at Bungie, we began our celebration of the Dawning

This week at Bungie, we began our celebration of the Dawning.

This year, the party is about more than just snowballs and Nova Bombs. Eva Levante has returned with a whole new way to spread some seasonal cheer. Mixing and matching various ingredients, you can become a Legendary Baker and earn some sweet loot along the way.

There were a few hiccups when the doors opened, but the skies have cleared, and now we’re set for a wonderful winter festival. Season of the Forge kicked off for all players of Destiny 2, and Ada-1 opened the doors of the Black Armory for those who seek to reforge the lost weapons of the Golden Age. Fun to think that we’re just getting started.

This week, the team bring you news of updates and current investigations going on at Bungie. Let’s dig in.

Black Armory Investigations

Since the beginning of Season of the Forge, the team have been monitoring the pulse of your gameplay. Some issues have been discovered since Black Armory and the Dawning, and the team would like to give an update on some of the highest-priority issues. For more information, head over here.

Holiday Calendar 

During the Dawning, you can look forward to more than just cookies and snow. Players who are keen to dish out pain in the Crucible have something delicious to play through the end of the 2018. Even if you aren’t a Legend, we’ve got some fun in store.


Began: December 12, 2018 in ANZ

Ends: December 26, 2018 in ANZ

You read that right. Two full weeks of Mayhem are on the books. If you’ve been missing this mode since the launch of Forsaken, you have ample time to sink your teeth into the chaos. Get out there and fight.

Iron Banner / Increased Valour

Begins: December 26, 2018 in ANZ

Ends: January 2, 2019 in ANZ

Lord Saladin is visiting during the Dawning, but isn’t coming for cookies. He’s come to oversee the power enabled combat of the Iron Banner. With Season 5, you have new armour to earn, and two Year 1 weapons returning to the fold with random rolls.

Bounties will function as they did at the end of Season 4, granting powerful rewards and unlocking rewards for direct purchase from Lord Saladin. Double Valour will be enabled from December 26 through December 29 in ANZ, followed by triple Valour from December 29 through January 2 in ANZ.

Movie of the Week

Need a quick break from your pinnacle endeavours or from the forge grind? Sit back, relax, and check out these fun videos from the community at large. One for fun, the other for fun, and well… any video you see in this section is handpicked on the basis of fun. Enjoy!

If you’d like a shot at the Lens of Fate emblem, make sure to submit your video to the Creations page on and include #MOTW in your title.

Whether you’re a master or a novice when it comes to culinary arts, we hope you enjoy this year’s Dawning festivities.

Throughout the holiday season, your friendly neighbourhood Community Managers continue to collect player feedback, Player Support will be investigating issues, and the team will all be working together to keep you informed. May your holidays be filled with cheer, and we hope to see you out there in the wild.

A quick shout out before we go: Cheers to Anodyne for this amazing Community Creation. The Dawning is a wonderful time to cherish the friendships you’ve made through Destiny, new and old.

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