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This week at Bungie, the Dreaming City revealed its underworld

This week at Bungie, the Dreaming City revealed its underworld.

The curse on the Dreaming City has grown to its most potent state. As the curse grows stronger, the world changes with it. Some of you discovered a new portal and dove into the Shattered Throne to attack the heart of the curse. You still have until the reset to give it a try. It’s an endgame activity that puts your most powerful gear and skills to the test. If you are not quite ready yet, don’t worry, the Shattered Throne will return when the curse cycle is at its worst again in three weeks. That should give you some time to Power up and prepare to explore its depths.

That’s not the only new activity that became available this week. The team also released a new Crucible mode along with new maps to boot. If you have been too busy with the plethora of other options available on the Director, here is a quick look at the mode and maps available now for all players of Destiny 2.

Uncommon Cores

Ever since Forsaken launched, the team have received tonnes of feedback on a wide variety of topics. Two issues seem to stand above the rest: the cost of Masterwork Cores and the drop rate of Exotic weapons and armour.

The team asked the investment team to talk about some of their goals with Masterwork Cores and Exotic drop rates, the problems they’ve identified, and their plans for addressing them. To read more, head over here.

On the Next Iron Banner…

Last week, Lord Saladin returned to the Tower for the first time since the launch of Forsaken. He brought with him a few changes to Iron Banner, and the team have been monitoring the community’s reaction to them. Senior Designer Jeremiah Pieschl has some information about our plans for the next Iron Banner.

Jeremiah: One of the goals we have for Iron Banner is that it’s an opportunity for lower-Power players to catch up or reengage in their pursuit of Power. Based on your feedback and our analytics, we’re not meeting that goal. There are two changes we’re making to help resolve this problem.

The first change is to reduce the completion values for several of the event bounties. Currently it’s very difficult for a lower-Power player to complete the bounties due to the gameplay disadvantages they experience.

  • Lightbearer: Super kills has been reduced to 20 from 25
  • Iron in the Blood: Match completions has been reduced to 15 from 30
  • Shine On: Orbs generated has been reduced to 50 from 100
  • Iron Victory: Match wins has been reduced to 7 from 10
  • To Be Precise: Precision kills has been reduced to 50 from 100
  • All in a Week’s Work: Kills has been reduced to 150 from 250

The second change is that all bounties will now provide powerful gear.

This was the first Iron Banner in Destiny 2 in which Power was enabled. The team have seen feedback from players who enjoyed this and feedback from players who preferred it when Power was normalized. The team will continue to monitor the conversation, but wanted to give you some information on exactly how Power affects your damage compared to previous Iron Banner events in D1. PvP Lead Derek Carroll has the details, along with some graphs:

Derek: “There’s a Lot to Unpack Here”

Hey, so… you might be interested in what “Power Matters” actually means going forward in Iron Banner. In the past, we’ve published a nice-but-not-exactly-straightforward graph pulled straight from the game’s content. This time around is no different, although I will take a bit of time to explain what that purple line means to you, the player.

As you read left-to-right across the graph, you’re seeing the effects of having Power that amount lower than the player you’re attacking.

For example:

  • If I’m at the same level as my opponent, my outgoing damage is multiplied by 1.0, so there is no change from normal Crucible.
  • If I’m 100 Power below my opponent, my outgoing damage is multiplied by 0.8, or a 20% reduction.
  • If I’m 200 Power below my opponent, my outgoing damage is multiplied by 0.5, or a 50% reduction, and I am really sad about what’s happening to me in this match.


If you’re 20 Power above your opponent, for example, you will do a bonus 10% damage against them.

(And so on, down the curve.)

I hope this explanation helps you to anticipate what is happening out there in the field, where numbers and bullets are flying around.

All of these changes should be available for the next Iron Banner, and we will continue to monitor your feedback during the next event.

The Wizard Came from High Moon

Previously on this Bungie Blog, the team featured some of the artists here at Bungie. This week, the team invited their partners at High Moon Studios to show off their amazing work on Forsaken. Check out a few of their favourites, and click through to check out more of the work in their personal portfolios.

Alexandra Alza

Eugene Kim

Alexander Gonzales

Kyle Smotherman

Sungin Paik

Richard Rude


Konrad Beerbaum


Nate Sartain


Sloan Hood


Niles Ondoy


Alex Stockwell


Abraham Valdez


Priscilla Landerer


Holiday Mail


The team are about to kick off production of our annual Holiday greeting cards and need a good Destiny 2-themed image for the front. The team thought they would open it up to the community, seeing that there are so many talented artists among you. As with any artist that they feature, if your image is selected you will receive the “Artist in Residence” emblem. For more, head over here.


Movie of the Week

Welcome to another edition of Movie of the Week. This is where the team shine a spotlight on the best video creations they see submitted by the community each week. All the creators whose videos are featured here will be sent the Lens of Fate emblem. If you would like a shot at getting the emblem and seeing your video here, submit your video to the Creations page.

Keep an eye out for more Bungie Bounties! Here is the full schedule for next week featuring our very own Tyrodin from Australia!

From here it looks like you had a fun week. It’s been a blast watching you all continue to discover the secrets of the Dreaming City. Thank you for playing and continuing to be such an amazing community.

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