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This week at Bungie, Guardians gave chase to the goals that meant the most to each of them

This week at Bungie, Guardians gave chase to the goals that meant the most to each of them.

Be it Power, Triumphs, Exotics, or quests, there was an aim to achieve. Ever since Cayde-6 met his doom in the depths of the Prison of Elders, we’ve shared a journey through the discoveries in Forsaken. Week after the week, the community conversation has been dominated by the revelation of new secrets and challenges. Some of you have lamented the fact that’s it’s been hard to keep up, but all of these things still await you.

Now is a good time for each Guardian to take stock of what they’ve accomplished, what fights are next on their dance card, or what they’d most like to add to their Collections. The team have asked the question about Triumphs, god rolls, gear sets, and even titles. There is still a lot to accomplish in Forsaken—plenty left to earn and learn. You might have to speed right past some of these accolades or rewards in your rush to become raid ready.

The team have some more tricks up their sleeves to keep your Guardian lifestyle rich and exciting, and those conversations will begin soon. In the meantime, there are still some questions they’d like to answer about how the day-to-day experience will be changing with the next round of updates.

Gambit and the Malfeasance Quest

The following changes are currently in development for Destiny 2 Update 2.0.5, planned for October 31, 2018 in ANZ. If any issues are found in the course of that work, changes may be delayed or tweaked accordingly. Make sure to stay tuned for future updates. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know, coming directly from the Gambit team:

Malfeasance Acquisition: We’ve heard player feedback concerning the spawn rates of the Ascendant Primeval Servitor, and we are making adjustments to how frequently it will appear.

During week three of the curse cycle, also known as a full-curse week, the Ascendant Primeval Servitor will have almost the same chance to spawn as any other Primeval. We will also be increasing the chance for the boss to spawn during lesser-curse weeks, but it will still be lower than during a full-curse week.

For full transparency, since the Ascendant Primeval Servitor spawn rate will increase significantly when these changes are released, the team are tweaking how ship and Sparrow rewards drop from the boss. Vanity items are no longer guaranteed drops for subsequent boss kills after you earn the quest, instead the vanity items will now only have a chance to drop.

Quitter Protection: We are currently developing a change to Gambit matchmaking that will help with the extended load times some players have been experiencing. When this change is released, we will be re-enabling quitter penalties for the Gambit playlist. However, we have increased the number of games players can leave before they are restricted from the playlist. We are making this change to help mitigate some situations where bad internet connectivity results in a restriction.

Power Ammo Crate Changes: To help balance some weapons, we’re changing the amount of ammo that you will receive when opening an ammo crate with certain weapons equipped:

  • Sleeper Simulant: Ammo crate will grant two shots (down from four)
  • Swords: Ammo crate will grant 12 Sword ammo (up from six)

The Gambit team is closely monitoring community feedback and looking at game data. In future updates, you should expect changes to Gambit bounties, how frequently you earn rewards, and other changes to the mode that will give teams in the lead a greater advantage. We’ll be back in future weeks to shed more light on the future of Gambit as it continues to evolve.

—The Gambit Team

Update Calendar 

Last year, Roadmaps were used to telegraph how Destiny 2 was going to evolve. In the months to come, the plans for the Seasons and the Annual Pass are the items worth illustrating. That doesn’t mean that you won’t receive updates that address the issues you’ve been talking to the team about. Head over here to read about some downloads that we hope are worth putting on your calendar, as well as a quick preview of what to expect from each of them. Expect more details on the blog for each update in the coming weeks.

Wishes and Curses

If Forsaken was like any other Destiny content release, right about now, you might be wondering when another version of the raid will rear its ugly head full of eyes and teeth. Approaching Forsaken, the Raid Team had specific goals in mind for Last Wish and how players would engage with the content. To read more, head over here.

Lost and Found

Welcome to October. This month will be home to another Festival of the Lost. It begins on October 17, 2018 in ANZ with a celebration of lost heroes and a new challenge to tackle. It includes a costume party, and you’re all invited. It ends with a quest to solve a murder.

Be on the lookout next week for a full reveal of what we’re scaring up for this season. 

Movie of the Week

As players have continued to uncover mysteries of the Dreaming City, they’ve also uncovered the next step in acquiring the Rivensbane Seal. Talk about watching a movie at edge of your seat—this fireteam had to get through without a single death! Goes without saying, but some of these will contain SPOILERS.

If you’d like a shot at the Lens of Fate emblem, make sure to submit your video to the Creations page on

For more information, head on over to

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