Published on July 12th, 2022 | by Adrian Gunning

Thermaltake Announces All-new Toughpower GF3, iRGB, and SFX Series

Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Case, Cooling, Gaming peripherals, and enthusiast memory solutions, unveils brand-new power supplies including GF3, iRGB, and SFX series. The GF3 series and the SFX series, in particular, are PCIe Gen 5 ready, meaning these power supplies come with a 12+4 pin interface and can natively support the upcoming RTX 4000 series graphics cards, and come in different wattages of your choice.

Let’s start with the Toughpower GF3 series. The entire lineup is fully modular and designed with a native 12+4 pin PCIe Gen 5 connector and is compatible with Intel’s ATX 3.0 specification, uncovering the new experience the next-gen PCIe has to offer. The GF3 1650W, particularly, natively supports two PCIe 14+2 pins, making it possible to deliver power to two high-end graphics cards simultaneously. The fully modular Toughpower GF3 series comes in 1650W, 1350W, 1200W, 1000W, 850W, and 750W and is built to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. Aimed at providing the best performance, the Toughpower GF3 series comes with 100% high-quality Japanese capacitors and delivers reliable power, ensuring smooth and stable operation as well as steady and clean power through voltage stability.

For the Toughpower iRGB PLUS Titanium 1250W/1650W, because the Riing Duo RGB Fan is installed in the PSU, it makes it easy to achieve your ideal aesthetics without hassle. Toughpower iRGB PLUS Titanium Series comes with a fully modular design with Low-Profile Flat cables, 100% high-quality 105°C Japanese capacitors, and 80 PLUS Titanium Certified, and, last but not least, Smart Power Management Platform Support, which enables you to access information such as Efficiency/Wattage User Behavior, Energy Consumption Report, ECO report, Energy Saving, and more. The lineup also features SPM Security Protection, offering two major functions: Power failure Alert and Power Off Remote Control. First of all, by Power failure Alert, users can identify if your PSU has fan failure, over-temperature, or abnormal voltage through your mobile devices. Second, through Power Off Remote Control, you schedule when to turn off your computer without yourself physically being there to do it. This feature is particularly useful when you have to leave in the middle while downloading huge files, therefore, resulting in the best energy saving.

When it comes to the SFX series, the lineup is tailor-made to provide stable and continuous power that can easily fit into a small chassis and it comes with 750W, 850W, and 1000W. The new SFX series is designed with the native 12+4 pin modular interface. The entire series is fully modular and compatible with the latest Intel’s SFX 12V 3.42 and ATX 12V 3.0 standards. The only thing to keep in mind is that for 1000W of the SFX series, it is SFX-L size, 125mm (W)x63.5mm (H)x126mm (D). In terms of its capacitors, they are 100% high-quality Japanese capacitors, delivering the most smooth experience without interruption.

For the latest information on Toughpower GF3, iRGB, and SFX series, please stay tuned to our 2022 Thermaltake EXPO July Livestream:

2022 Thermaltake Expo July


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