Published on June 23rd, 2021 | by Adrian Gunning

The World Plays ESO

It has been a remarkable seven years for The Elder Scrolls Online, with around 600 hours of quests, over 25,000 entertaining NPCs, and over 18 million players to date.

The Elder Scrolls Online is the biggest Elder Scrolls game yet, and it is the biggest RPG on any console ever released. To honor the amazing scale of the game, we are challenging the world to play The Elder Scrolls Online. Beginning June 22nd and running through August 19, this new initiative will highlight the stunning scope and breadth of The Elder Scrolls Online, through a multi-month media and player event, the heart of which will be made up of streaming and social fun. Starting from the beginning of the base game and ending with the recently released Blackwood Chapter, a team of players will experience the world of ESO and you can join via the debut stream on June 22 at our World Plays ESO homepage.

A few weeks after E3 and the launch of ESO: Console Enhanced, the adventure will begin to run its course over an epic 350+ hour event spanning nearly two months across every Chapter of ESO. So how does something of this size work?

Working with a selection of dedicated players, we will be showcasing the wonderful world of ESO across the globe on various channels from June – August. Each person in the ESO Stream Team will have a portion of the game to play through, and various members will be spotlighted on Bethesda’s Twitch channel. You can join in on the fun with cool in-game activities for PvP, Dungeons and much more! It will be a fun adventure and you never know what special guests might show up on one of our streams. For a complete list of currently confirmed streamers taking part and to follow along, see the website here.

We invite you and your readers to witness each step along the journey by tuning in to You can also follow the exciting event through The Elder Scrolls Online’s various social media channels. See you on road as The World Plays ESO!

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