Published on November 9th, 2020 | by Chris O'Connor

The Tree Book Review

The Tree Book Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: Graeme Base is a name that evokes wonderful memories for many people, The Tree adds to those memories.


Beautiful message

Animalia and The Eleventh Hour were more or less essential reading for myself and those of my generation (at least in my small part of the world). The stories were engaging but what really drew us in and kept us in those magical worlds was the art work and The Tree continues in the very same fashion.

The story (spoilers) is about a cow and a duck who have made their homes in/under a tree, but they become paranoid and defensive and shut the other out of their homes until a significant event makes them see the error of their ways.

I think the essential part of this review is, my eight year old daughter (so I’d guess right in the middle of the targeted age bracket) had this as her bed time stories two nights in a row after receiving it, not only that but she stated what is arguably the core concept of the book “in the end they had to work together”. This is an example of the best sort of teaching, it’s the way a lot of morals have been taught in the past and it’s a somewhat subtle way to instill some good behaviour in people. Entertain while educating.

The story is very simple, there’s nothing flash or overly deep but that’s exactly what the target audience responds to so it’s arguably perfectly pitched. The visuals are exactly what we have come to expect from Mr Base, beautiful colours with bold outlines to really make the characters pop out. Stunning wildlife rendered in fantastic naturalistic form. It’s the sort of book you can either read with your child or simply go from page to page finding all the little details, the other creatures living in the tree, the critters hiding in the shadows under the tree.

Unquestionably a great book for any youngsters in your life, perfect for story time or just for some personal reading time for your child. An easy recommendation from me!

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