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For safe driving, Fone King know the meaning of safety first

With recent news of NRMA’s study which revealed that almost three quarters of Australians ranked illegal phone use as their biggest fear, has led to a stronger police presence to tackle this problem.Now with police cracking down on not only car and truck drivers but also cyclists who use their phone whilst riding, Fone King reveal the top gadgets for every driver, truckie and cyclist to ensure they are at the safest and avoid those hefty fines.

  • For the ‘Bikie’: With hundreds of cyclists busted for failing to obey road rules in Victoria, Fone King suggest the Universal Smartphone Mike Mount, compatible with any 3.5-5.5 inch smartphones and GPS systems. With 360-degree rotation features, this handy little gadget is perfect for cycle delivery riders and for the safest use of hands-free directions whilst riding. RRP $59.95
  • For the ‘Truckie”: With every long-haul drive on Australian highways, we know driving can be a bit of a bore. Fone King’s Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount makes the most of the space in your truck for those long drives and ensures every truckie is safe when using the phone hands-free. The Yesido 360 Vent attaches to your truck’s air vent and magnetically latches to your phone for easy navigation. By connecting to the air vent, this mount offers full degree rotation and a vertical or horizontal position with pivot action for perfect driver viewing. With an ultra-compact form the 360 Vent takes up very little space in your car offering both versatility and comes in both black and gold. RRP $39.95
  • For the everyday ‘Driver’: We all know that using your mobile phone whilst driving is incredibly dangerous and even more so life threatening. But yet we still do it. It’s our go to when wanting to change a song, and we immediately have a desire to reply when someone’s texted us. Stopping at lights constantly is also a bore. But with Fone King’s Magnetic Car Mount, driving safely is made easy for us and better yet more interesting. With its sleek and intuitive design, this car mount is made of an anti-rust ball shaped base and magnetic backing to create a convenience for drivers that refrains them from reaching for that next song or reply to that text. By featuring 360 rotation, height and angle adjustment this handy little gadget is compatible with any mobile device and more importantly, for legal use on Australian roads.

Fone King has created these 3 gadgets to appeal to every driver and rider who constantly finds themselves reaching for their phone on the road and help the vast majority of Australians who fear for their life due to illegal phone use when driving. These gadgets will help Australians to avoid substantial fines and create a safe place for every vehicle get from A to B.

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