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The Storyteller’s Muse Book Review

The Storyteller’s Muse Book Review James Wright

Summary: The Storyteller's Muse is an engaging mystery that have you hook, line and sinker! Kudos to Traci Harding!


Engaging Mystery

Bestselling author Traci Harding (The Ancient Future, The Mystique Trilogy, The Timekeepers) changes tact with her writing that offers readers a story set in fiction opposed to fantasy. The protagonist of the series is Peter, a nurse who has dreams of becoming a professional writer and when he meets a patient by the name of Penelope Whitman who is also an author, his life is soon about to take a new path. The two soon form a friendship and it is here that Peter offers to help Penelope finish her final story with the help of his co-worker Gabrielle.

However both Peter and Gabrielle become embroiled in something bigger that creates a gripping and entertaining story with quite a few twists and turns which Australia’s very own Traci Harding is a master of. This book is definitely a one sitting kind of read and I absolutely flew through it. So yes, Traci is a master storyteller as you never know what was going to happen!

I also enjoyed the three different protagonists in the story and the three different stories that they brought which are all interlinked and connected. As a result, it creates this clever twist and really brings you into world of these interesting characters. Furthermore, the book flows quite well and I actually finished this novel in just a few days because I just wanted to find out what happens and Harding’s does create a very clever mystery as the deeper you get.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re looking for a book with mystery, intrigue and great characters, then I could happily recommend The Storyteller’s Muse by Traci Harding that successfully ticks all these boxes and delivers a very enjoyable and additive read from start to finish!


Book Details

    • ISBN: 9780732299415
    • ISBN 10: 0732299411
    • Imprint: Voyager – AU
    • On Sale: 25/01/2016

    • Pages: 384
    • List Price: 29.99 AUD

  • BISAC1: Fiction & related items / General

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