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The Secret of Darkwoods – Free Open-world illustrated text-based RPG

The Secret of Darkwoods is an open-world, procedural, text-based RPG that allows players to explore a vast and dangerous world filled with secrets and treasures to discover. The game is set in the mythical land of Emeyralia, a dark and foreboding place where ancient magic and mythical creatures still exist.

Players take on the role of a brave adventurer who must journey through the treacherous forests, swamps, and dungeons of Emeyralia in order to uncover the secrets of the land and become a true hero. As they explore the world, players will encounter a wide variety of enemies and obstacles, from fierce beasts and powerful warriors to treacherous traps and hidden dangers.

Choose your fate in this non-linear fantasy gamebook.

Key Features

  • 700+ Unique Text Pages With Variations
  • 300+ Generated Illustrations
  • Play the main quest, or randomly explore and start side quests
  • Explore villages, cities, dungeons, swamps, caves, forests, cemeteries and temples
  • Music by Dungeon Synth Artists: Percidae, Hjartans, Bounce castle, Alloch Nathir, Kasriel, Erang, Black Rose Tomes, Infernal Symphony, Rap2h

The game is available from Steam at

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