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Summary: This is a compelling and exciting story that keeps gaining momentum as the narrative drives forward.


Intense and passionate!

Booker has a bullet in the head. Joe and Nicky are missing. Andy is pissed and wanting revenge with her sights set on Copley, while Nile tags along and tries to talk it all in. Things get intense in a shower of bullets and grenade shrapnel and amongst it all we see a beautiful and touching declaration of love.

We begin this issue with Booker slumped against the wall with his brains blown out. The wound is large and it’s hard for Andy to tell whether he is dead or alive, as these kind of injuries take a long time to heal. Andy kneels down and laments over the fact that Booker might be dead…she grieves, not only for his possible loss but also because she longs for her own death and she questions, “Why does he get to die and not me?” We then learn about Booker’s past, as Andy recounts the events of his life when he was a soldier in Napoleon’s army. Nursing an epic headache and a grumpy disposition, Booker slowly begins to wake whilst Andy is poking her fingers in his brain. After learning about what happened, Andy quickly takes up arms and storms out of there, guns blazing as she quickly takes down any man or woman that stands in her way…she’s so badass! With the whole city awake from the commotion and the French army hot on their heels, will Andy, Booker and Nile find Joe and Nicky before it’s too late?

This is one hell of an exciting and fast-paced issue. Not only do we get to see some epic action sequences, thanks to Andy, but we also discover more about Booker’s interesting past and see some heartfelt moments and confessions between some of the characters. I really enjoy when Greg Rucka explores the past of these immortals. It’s so interesting getting to explore their individual stories, and delving into their past where we get to see significant events that have shaped them into the people they are today. Not only is it interesting but it also allows for us to see characters, like Booker grow and learn from their experiences. For Andy, being immortal has hardened her, making her resentful of life and the endless grind of time. Even though she is surrounded by her friends, Andy always seems alone and isolated as she distances herself from forming any close bond. However, for Nicky and Joe their immortality has strengthened their love and bond, as theirs is a truly beautiful and romantic relationship. Joe’s heart-warming confession of love was beautiful and it really opened up my understanding of their devotion and affection for one another. For them, time has only reinforced their love and in no way has it weakened it.

The art, by Leandro Fernandez is both intense and moving. I really enjoy how he portrays the emotional tone through a combination of powerful expressions, interesting layering and framing of images and heavy inking. Everything has a very gritty and edgy appearance, and it all comes together to create an intense and engaging visual narrative. I also enjoy how everyone has a unique, interesting and bold face. Features are somewhat exaggerated, giving a very idiosyncratic and distinctive look for each character. For me, this attention to detail brings these characters to life, giving them their own personality on the page. Colourist, Daniela Miwa, brings a whole new and refreshing perspective to the art by using a unique and interesting colour palette. I just love how the effect of light is achieved through the use of unusual shades. For instance, there is a scene in Russia, where we see the landscape bathed in snow and ice. The colouring really emphasises the bitter Russian winters, as her use of pale colours contrasted against dark shadows, gives everything an almost polarised appearance.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue, with its intense action sequences, witty dialogue and touching moments. This is a compelling and exciting story that keeps gaining momentum as the narrative drives forward. I look forward to reading the next issue and seeing what these immortal warriors will do next and where their adventures will take them.

I’m giving this issue 5 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Greg Rucka, Leandro Fernandez, Daniela Miwa and Jodi Wynne.
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PUBLICATION DATE: April 26, 2017
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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