Published on December 12th, 2018 | by Dana Folkard



Summary: The Magic Order finally face Madame Albany.



On the eve of battle, the last remaining members of The Magic Order stand together to face Madame Albany and her evil entourage of magic practitioners. Will Gabrielle be the saviour he is destined to be, or will evil defeat and consume him?

Right, now before I begin my overview of this issue, I just want to say that it’s going to be short and sweet for fear of revealing spoilers. I really don’t want to give away anything, as this issue is absolutely amazing and trust me, you’ll want to discover the unexpected developments for yourself.

Anyhoo, here we go. The Moonstone siblings are beginning preparations for their final encounter with Albany. Gabrielle takes his wife to Moonstone castle, hiding her behind the one door Albany won’t be able to break through. Meanwhile, Cordelia and Regan share a quiet moment of reflection, delving deep into their emotional hang-ups. Once they are ready, Gabrielle proposes his plan, which involves confronting Albany’s gatekeeper, so as to find the location to her secret address. Gabrielle is determined, knowing that he must be prepared to do anything to obtain the information he needs, even if it means torturing someone. We see some pretty excellent and creative magic here, involving Robinson Crusoe and The Island of Doctor Moreau. After they get the information they need, they then make their way to Laughton Theatre on Hollywood Boulevarde, but to enter they must revisit their most painful memory to enter. Upon entering they encounter Albany sitting alone as she watches Stalag 17. What unfolds next is equal parts brilliant, unexpected and heartbreaking, and I’ll just leave it at that.

Wow, just wow. What can I say? This issue floored me. I did not anticipate things to unfold the way they did. You did it again Mark Millar, you completely stunned me, took me by surprise and let’s not forget, you made me sad. Aside from this huge development that I shall not mention, the overall pacing of this issue is perfect. I really loved seeing the three Moonstone siblings united and working together, and found that the quiet moment of reflection that Cordelia and Regan share to be sweet and touching. These three are determined and resolute in their fight against Albany, even if the odds are stacked against them. If they are scared, they don’t show it, instead standing tall and stoic. In saying that, one still can’t shake the sense of unease and anticipation lurking in the periphery. They are heading forth into battle, not knowing whether they’ll succeed or come out alive. This all comes together to create a wonderful sense of energy, as they enter into the unknown.

Olivier Coipel’s art is flawless once again, and I have nothing negative to say about it. He is one of the best artists out there, and seeing him illustrate this epic tale of darkness and magic really reinforces this to me. There is one particular scene that was so incredibly poignant, tragic yet also beautiful. I keep going back to this sequence, so that I may take in the wonderfully detailed and expressive faces. It’s so gorgeous, yet ultimately, so heartbreaking.

Overall, I believe that this has been the best issue so far. Stop listening to me and just grab yourself a copy as soon as you can. Prepare yourself, it’s going to amaze you but also make you sad.

I’m giving this issue 5 out of 5 stars!

CREATIVE TEAM: Mark Millar, Olivier Coipel, Dave Stewart and Peter Doherty
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
GENRE: Supernatural/Thriller/Drama
PUBLICATION DATE: December 12, 2018
REVIEWER: Dana Folkard

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