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The Little Pirate Queen Book Review

The Little Pirate Queen Book Review James Wright

Summary: The Little Pirate Queen is a very engaging book about a young girl called Lucy and her amazing adventure


Little Pirate!

This magical tale is written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland that is a wonderful story about a young girl called Lucy who has big dreams. Her dreams is inspired by the ocean and a place known as Far Away Island and only her rickety rift can take her on this amazing adventure. However when mother nature becomes involved, Lucy, our Little Pirate Queen goes from pirate to rescuer, especially when the other children are already in the water. The story also focuses on teamwork among the children as they all help Lucy find her mysterious location, that of Far Away Island.


Reading this story to our girls, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the fluid text behind The Little Pirate Queen definitely helped. Then you have the wonderful illustrations by Sally Anne Garland which brings Lucy’s story to life and her art style and colouring really adds to the entire premise of this book that definitely made it a favourite in our home, especially around bedtime.

Final Thoughts?

The Little Pirate Queen is a beautifully created book from start to finish with a very relatable young protagonist and equally beautiful illustrations to create an engaging ‘sea-tale’ from start to finish.

Highly Recommended!

Then off she set, the Little Pirate Queen in
her wonderful pirate ship, helping those she
found lost at sea along the way.

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