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The Killing Joke Review

The Killing Joke Review Adam Atkinson

Summary: As old as the Killing Joke is, it still remains the best representation of Batman and The Joker in comic history



“What do you think I am? Crazy? You’d turn it off when I was half way across!” is just one of the famous lines uttered by The Joker in what is arguably one of the biggest and best stories to ever take place in the Batman universe. In a series always known for being very cut and dry about the good guys winning in unconventional ways, along comes a book that has you on the edge of your seat, for what is an amazingly wild ride.


The Killing Joke is a story by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, in which our beloved Batman is facing The Joker in his craziest role yet. The Joker has just escaped prison (Arkham Asylum) and is plotting something big. Alan Moore does an amazing job of keeping a lot of secrets from us knowing that he will reveal everything when his time is right. It plays on your mind a lot in a story about a maniacal clown who wants to see the world burn just for a laugh.

This story really helps us to break in the fact that The Joker and Batman are the eternal enemies, and will do everything in each others powers to stop one another. The Joker wants to see Batman’s world fall apart around him, by doing the most disgusting deeds imaginable to the people he loves. Will this break the Batman? You can only find out by reading, and this is by far one of the easiest recommendations I could have made for a comic.



The comic is an amazing look at two of the most iconic characters in Comic Book history. Alan Moore nailed the writing, to the point that writers nowadays still compare themselves to this story. His ability to make Joker, Gordon, Batman, and all of the other characters in the book come to life is magical. Very rarely have I ever read a book that will captivate me with every word, but this is one of those times. All in all, Alan Moore is a powerhouse that has an amazing career in comics, but this is his shining star.

ART – 5

Brian Bolland had the magical touch needed to bring The Joker’s sadistic nature to light, all while still showing the innocent man he had inside. Together they make you hate The Joker, all while trying not to feel bad for all he has been through. The art is exactly the right amount of insane, but with really clean outlines. The individual character designs are amazing, and it is easy to tell that Bolland felt the characters. He knew what had to be done and did it.

While the art was not the absolute perfect style, it was the perfect style for this specific comic.


With the announcement of The Killing Joke animated movie, it goes to show how people have really loved this story. As old as it is, it still remains the best representation of Batman and The Joker in comic history, and kept the attention of an entire generation. Oh, and of course Mark Hamill is confirmed to be starring in it, so there is that.

I wanted my first review to be a perfect rating, because I wanted all of my new readers to understand why I have only ever read one perfect comic. Everything I read gets compared to the greatest stories in history (Comic Books) and if they fall short, I will be there to tell them why. If you are looking for an all praise review of every comic you’ve read, you may be in the wrong place. If you want honesty, and a completely unbiased opinion, than I would like to welcome you to The Inside Scoop with me, Adam.

Always let me know in the comics if there is a new comic you want a review on, or any questions you may have. Always looking to talk to amazing people about the passion we all share.

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