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Dark Horse and BioWare join forces once again to present three new Mass Effect statues that are sure to please fans of the beloved franchise. Mass Effect has endured as a fan-favorite, record-selling series since its first release in 2007. This newest line of collectibles features familiar squadmates and enemies alike, including a Reaper Sovereign Ship Replica, Liara T’Soni Figure and Garrus Vakarian Figure!

Reaper Sovereign Ship Replica

Sovereign was a sentient Reaper and the flagship of Saren Arterius, a rogue Spectre. The gigantic ship was such a powerful artificial intelligence that the Geth worshiped it as a god. Though Commander Shepard and their crew destroyed Sovereign, the ship was only the first step of the Reapers’ larger invasion of the galaxy.

This new, highly detailed replica statue captures the essence of the powerful Reaper ship from the games.

Liara T’Soni Figure

Dr. Liara T’Soni is an Asari researcher and one of the galaxy’s foremost experts in Prothean technology and culture after fifty years of study. Though over a century old, Liara is only a young adult among the long-lived Asari. She is a squadmate, friend, and valuable ally of Commander Shepard.

This figure captures Liara’s intelligence and strong will. It also comes with her trustworthy Virtual Intelligence drone Glyph—Liara’s assistant since she became the information-selling Shadow Broker.

Garrus Vakarian Figure

A former security officer, Garrus Vakarian is a tactical genius and one of Commander Shepard’s closest confidants. The Turian sniper was a key ally in the fight against the Reaper invasion of the galaxy. His experience and willingness to get his hands dirty to win the day made him an invaluable member of Shepard’s crew.

This figure is an incredible likeness to one of Mass Effect’s most popular and enduring characters.

These new Mass Effect Statues are all made of polyvinyl material. Both the Reaper Sovereign Replica and Liara T’Soni Figure stand at 8” tall, while the Garrus Vakarian Figure stands at 9” tall. All three statues will be available February 2024 at your favorite local comic shop, hobby, pop culture collectible, or similar shop and select online locations, and will each retail for $59.99.

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