Published on March 29th, 2024 | by Andrew Bistak

The Great Moscow Circus Review (Geelong 2024)

Australia’s famous The Great Moscow Circus has arrived in Geelong that coincides perfectly with the School Holidays and at its core, it is a show for the entire family, no matter what your age and our children were mesmerized from start to finish. It should also be noted that The Great Moscow Circus is an Australian owned business and has no affiliation with Russia – given that, they even have five Ukrainian performers dressed in fluorescent green costumes doing daring flips and glides through the air courtesy of the Russian Swing. Like other circuses, The Great Moscow Circus has evolved to be more relevant and this performance had elements of cabaret and even four super talented Australian BMX and scooter riders who were performing stunts on two ramps.

From a music perspective, Singer Elly Rowbotham provided the singing for the show with her perfect voice filling the Big Top at various times throughout the performance, including her equally talented dancers who also had other roles in the The Great Moscow Circus. Interestingly these skillful performers come from all parts of the world such as the aforementioned Ukraine to Brazil, Colombia, Armenia, Australia and New Zealand who all gave their best for the night. Although there were a couple of stumbles at times and some acts felt a little short at times, the circus artists still wowed the audience, including some unbelievable moments that challenged what us mere mortals could do.

While The Great Moscow Circus draws from modernity (there is even a Mad Max reference), it pays homage to the past as well with stunning aerial performances and of course, a clown based on Charlie Chaplin (Gagih Avetisyan) who had some hilarious audience interaction, even marrying two strangers. Further, the artist on the Circus Wheel of Death had the audience in gasps with the his near misses – of course, the performer knew how to work the crowd which he done perfectly.

Speaking of family, the Weber siblings are still part of the show that include aerialists Tianni and Tanika plus their younger brother Cruze who is believed to be the world’s youngest steel cage motorbike rider with their parents Kathy and Jeff managing the show behind the scenes. Another highlight was Giselle Souza and Edison Acero who were on America’s Got Talented and performed one of the most impressive pole acts with their super-human strength.

Add in trampolining to the classic yet clichéd finish with the Globe of Death that had riders racing around each other at insane speeds (my brain still doesn’t understand how they don’t crash), The Great Moscow Circus delivered an enjoyable circus experience from start to finish, even with the timing hiccups. The finale of the show had Elly Rowbotham perform one last number as the artists all came up for one last bow to the crowd. So if you’re in Geelong or its surrounding suburbs and want to experience a classic yet new circus experience, check out The Great Moscow Circus.

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