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The Forest PS4 Review

The Forest PS4 Review Tory Favro

Summary: A challenging survival game to test the wits and palate.


At first when I saw this title was coming to PS4, I must confess that another title; The Long Dark, sprung to mind. In some ways the two games are sort of similar, they do take the idea of surviving to the next level and small mistakes can have serious consequences for your player just like in real life. However  adding a lot of other elements into this title makes The Forest quite the challenging and rewarding game.

You play the role of Eric, a father who is taking his son on a plane ride when it crashes on an island. Your son is missing and it seems that you just might be the sole survivor. Thus begins the hunt to stay alive and fight the elements and animals that seem intent upon killing you. Oh, and the cannibals. You read that right…. the cannibals. You are both the hunter and the hunted in this game and as you get more desperate during the title, you just might have to ask yourself if you are willing to consume human flesh or die of starvation. The experience has a psychological impact upon you.

Graphically there are moments that The Forest does look outdated but for the most part this is a good looking game. I would not say that it will win any awards for this but it’s not too shabby; just don’t look down at Eric’s feet when you are walking. He kind of looks like a puppet.

There are so many choices you can make whilst playing the game too. The Forest gives you the choice of  truly surviving the wilderness or trying to get through as quickly as you can in order to get off the island alive. Shelters or larger dwellings can be made depending on your gaming style. It is truly a choice and one that will determine what sort of game you play and how long you wish to test your wits. For those who are completionists there are trophies attainable for those who stay a bit longer than running and gunning (not literally). Recently there has been the addition of multiplayer coop added which provides a cool take on the game but utterly removes the desolation and isolation you otherwise have to deal with.

From an audio standpoint, I am happy to report that it certainly is an atmospheric achievement. There is so much tension at times your ears will be straining to pick up sounds so you can react in time to threats unseen. Howling from our flesh eating friends chills the night air as you hope they don’t find you before you find them.

The Forest is a true test for anyone playing. Thank goodness Eric is supplied with a guide book showing home how to effect craft, and show him just what is needed in the wilderness. Pay heed to this book as it is going to save your skin over and over again. I would contend that there are so many challenges in this title that gamers who do complete through to platinum (on PS4) can and should brag about it. It will be no small feat.


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