Published on October 28th, 2019 | by Alex Novus

The First Christmas Book Review

The First Christmas Book Review Alex Novus

Summary: The First Christmas is a great way to introduce younger readers into the story of baby Jesus and the special meaning that he brought to Earth.


A true Christmas

A long time ago, in a country far away, a star shone in the night sky and a baby boy was born . . .

Written and illustrated by Jeff Racklyeft, The First Christmas is a true celebration of the “real” Christmas that is successfully brought to life courtesy of this Australian author. This perspective of Christmas is taken from a group of shepherds who were visited by an angel on the night that Jesus was born.

While the angel told them not to be afraid, it told them that a very special baby boy was born who would bring peace on Earth. When the angel disappeared, a star appeared in the sky which the shepherds followed that eventually took them to Bethlehem. It was here where they met Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, including the three wise kings.

When they do arrive in Bethlehem, they become involved in this classical biblical story which is a great introduction to the birth of Jesus. The story ends with the shepherds returning home and spreading the amazing word that a very special baby had been born. While this is a slightly different story on the first Christmas, it’s a nice twist with the Shepherds and also their children who pose some questions along the way

Final Thoughts?

With Christmas just around the corner, under two-months now… Jeff Racklyeft’s book, The First Christmas is a great way to engage younger readers with the true meaning… or spirit of Christmas. Not only is it well-written but it’s also beautifully illustrated by Racklyeft that definitely makes the entire read of this book, an engaging and moving experience from start to finish and may even become a Christmas favourite in your family.

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