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Published on July 10th, 2024 | by Nay Clark

The Exit 8 VR Review (Quest)

The Exit 8 VR Review (Quest) Nay Clark

Summary: Escape the plight of perpetual limbo and break free of the horrors of endless corridors by detecting anomalies and reaching Exit 8.


Infinite Inception

Escape the never ending loop of frantic despair in this horrifying game of spot the difference, now in VR! The Exit 8 VR is a first person psychological horror game developed by MyDearest Inc. and KOTAKE CREATE, published by MyDearest Inc., and supports Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 2. This VR version of The Exit 8 releases on July 11th of 2024 and the original game released on November 29th of 2023. The VR version plays exactly the same as the original release except now you are roaming the distorted subway corridors yourself. Find the hidden anomalies and reach Exit 8 to escape this repeating torment.

In The Exit 8 VR you play as a person who is trying to reach the exit of a Japanese underground passageway. While strolling through the polished and beaming halls, you start to notice that everything from the posters to the passerby are repeating. Reading a sign on the wall informs you of the rules. There is a correct default hallway and walking through this hallway with nothing wrong in it will move you up to the next numbered exit. If you notice anything wrong within the hallway, you must turn around and walk in the opposite direction to actually continue to the next exit. If you do not follow the rules, accidentally don’t catch an anomaly, and continue down the path of the hallway, you will start over at Exit 0. You must be observant and take note of anything unusual to reach the end of this liminal space.

The Exit 8 VR is a simple concept done in an excellent fashion. You only have this small environment to play in, but the creativeness of this design is inspiring. The actual anomalies can range from something small like a misplaced tile on the floor or a camera that’s now randomly turned on to something more petrifying like a face blending into the ceiling or a door slowly creaking open right next to you. While the gameplay isn’t challenging, the fun comes from your ability to stay calm and to be astute in order to complete the game. The horror components add enough flavor to where it’s actually depressing if you mess up because now you have to restart and possibly get through even worse terrors.

You can see your hands here in the VR version of The Exit 8, but it’s only for immersion sake. You never have to actually interact with anything in that way. You are involved with the game through your eyes so the VR landscape is naturally inviting. A simulated experience really contextualizes the purpose and meaning of The Exit 8 VR by abducting you into the minimalist setting and while it’s simple, the realism of it is what makes it as scary as it is. The feeling of being trapped in a contained area while having to deal with disturbing oddities is nightmare fuel in the best way possible.

The Exit 8 VR looks great and has a nice pristine and realistic quality in its textures. Graphically, it is uncomplicated and isn’t incredibly detailed, but it doesn’t have to be and the simplicity in design is another way the game makes the mundane relatable and in turn, creepy. The sound is stirring and creates a strong atmosphere. Any shift of the pitter-pattering of feet will make you do a double take and the diminishing buzz of dimming lights will make your heart drop instantly. The carefully constructed ambiance produces a strong feeling of actually being present in this area which makes it entertaining and wickedly perfect for the apprehensive.

Final Thoughts?

This unnatural spiraling quandary is an exciting plummet into fear and insanity. The pulsating anxiety you feel while walking to the next exit to see if you made the right choice is like no other. The complementary audio design and graphical style really ups the ante in virtual reality by creating a space that feels lived in. The ease of the gameplay is alluring and the quick style challenge of finding the anomalies is compelling. The Exit 8 VR’s strong points exemplify the beauty of VR in a pronounced way and is so appealing that it may keep you from exiting the headset.

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