Published on March 6th, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning


March 6, 2024 – Today, Ubisoft announced that after 6 years of live service, Mad Vol.2 will be the final update to bring new content to The Crew 2. This latest content addition marks a significant milestone for The Crew 2, introducing optimized content rotation for unlimited player-created content.

With the new Hobby “Stunt Performer 2”, players will discover new challenges and rewards with 12 new Mad skills. They will have to take on those new challenges to add the brand-new Mazda RX7 Evo Group B (Rally cross) to their collection.

The ultimate version of the Race Creator feature will also be part of the The Crew 2 Mad Vol.2 update, players will now be able to create unique boat and plane races. Road, water, and skies of The Crew 2 now await the most creative players, for them to share their own races with the community and put others to the test.

Curated content such as LIVE summits, themed weeks, or rewards will continue to be added for an always-refreshed experience. This is the first step towards the weekly automation of the content deployed in the game, to provide our players with a continuously renewed experience. This has been made possible thanks to the vast amount of content and experiences that have been created and published over the past 6 years of live support.

The game will keep on delivering the same organic experience and will be supported by our teams. The collection import will remain available and active, meaning that all the vehicles that players buy, win, or unlock in The Crew 2 during the years to come will be waiting for them in The Crew Motorfest. Exhilarating new content will be available in The Crew Motorfest starting March 13, with the arrival of Season 3 and its brand-new Playlist “Hollywood Action!”, which will celebrate the passionate individuals and collectives that defined car culture through the generations into a modern global phenomenon.

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