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The Brave and the Bold : Batman and Wonder Woman #5 Review

The Brave and the Bold : Batman and Wonder Woman #5 Review Admin

Summary: The Brave and the Bold : Batman and Wonder Woman gives the reader the clue about the killer of the King


Final piece

The second last issue of The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman has arrived with chapter five in Return of the Kings.

With Wonder Woman and Batman running out of time in finding the true killer of the King Elatha and the thief who stole the silver arm, they plead for one more day and if they fail, they vow to leave the realm of Tir Na Nog forever. As a result, Batman decides to question the suspected killer of the King, the boy called De Danann as he recounts how he found the dying king and the strange words he said before he died.

This gives Batman the clue he needs that the King is still alive and that he switched places with another, a mortal Druid as the King now walks in Gotham City. On Earth, the “king” decapitates his arm in order to switch it with the magical silver arm in order to bring his love Ethne to him. Unfortunately this chain of consequences has caused his brother Balor evil-eye to return with a powerful army to retake Tir Na Nog and needless to say, things are about to get ugly.

Like previous issues, Liam Sharp successfully creates a modern fairy tale but with the protagonists of the DCU as he captures the voices of Batman and Wonder Woman perfectly. More importantly, it’s beautifully drawn and his world building is quite engaging from start to finish, especially with the diverse characters in this story.



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