Published on June 23rd, 2018 | by Andrew Bistak

The Boy Who Loved the Moon Book Review

The Boy Who Loved the Moon Book Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: The Boy Who Loved the Moon is simply stunning



Based on the short-film, The Boy Who Loved the Moon is the delightful story about a young boy who … well… falls in love with the moon. Beautifully written and illustrated by Rino Alaimo, he magically tells the story about this boy who attempts to win her affection by trying to capture her attention with lavish gifts

After all these failed attempts and a warning from an old man to let go, this boy refuses to give up and he eventually manages to capture the moon with a piece of string in order to give a gift that she would never be able to see, the beautiful colours of the day.

The highlight of The Boy Who Loved the Moon for us were the stylised pictures behind the story which helps bring this story to life in a truly magical way, especially the clever use of colours which captures a unique moment of emotions. Interestingly, the art style used almost channels this Golden Age of Hollywood which works perfectly with the premise and the words from the author.

Final Thoughts?

If you’re looking for a heart-felt story for younger readers, The Boy Who Loved the Moon may be the perfect panacea for children of all ages as they follow this love story across ages that is superbly written and complemented by the stunning images, courtesy of  its creator.

Highly Recommended!

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