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The Art of the Brick Review (Melbourne 2024) … pure imagination made real by LEGO @artofthebrick @NathanSawaya

The Art of the Brick Review (Melbourne 2024) … pure imagination made real by LEGO @artofthebrick @NathanSawaya Andrew Bistak

Summary: The Art of the Brick is pure imagination made real!



If you’re searching for an epiphany on what LEGO is, then The Art of the Brick by artist Nathan Sawaya is the place to be. Dubbed an immersive experience (which it is), The Art of the Brick takes you beyond the norms of the humble “brick” and rather, is an exploration of what LEGO can create that is nothing short of spectacular.

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination
– Willy Wonka

This exhibition is currently showing at the Melbourne Showgrounds and its contents are well-presented in 11 themed rooms that bring the imagination of Nathan Sawaya to life. Prior to entering this exhibition, there is a short 2-minute video on the artist who explains his affinity to LEGO and when he couldn’t have a pet dog, he decided to build one with all his bricks as a kid. Although Nathan went on to become a lawyer, he soon discovered that something was missing from life which was his creativity and love of LEGO.

If you thought LEGO Masters was amazing, this exhibition brings you one of the GODS OF LEGO!

Cue in The Art of the Brick as attendees can experience his creations from life-size animals in the room called the “Perniciem” to a gigantic yellow sculpture of a man’s head and torso holding his chest open that is built entirely out of LEGO, 75,596 to be precise that is aptly called Big Yellow. There is also a section on humanity that again contains life-size LEGO people that channel our emotions to the moving kinetic skulls that is like the Mexican Day of the Dead come to life with over 250 LEGO skulls moving to waves of sound and light.

Want to see the largest LEGO sculpture ever made? It’s here as well.

Nathan ends this exhibition (which has been seen by more than 10 million people worldwide) with the Periciem Rhino that shows the Northern White Rhino in a state of various creations that highlight the plight of this endangered animal and of course the artistry of this exhibition. Lastly, The Art of the Brick has a gift shop where you can purchase LEGO to take home or other merchandise from this exhibition like t-shirts, hoodies or tote bags to celebrate this popular brick from Denmark.

Final Thoughts?

The Art of the Brick is an amazing exhibition that has been made for LEGO lovers or just lovers of art because everything presented in this immersive experience is art. Further, it showcases that LEGO is not a toy but rather can be used to create some stunning modern art and its artist Nathan Sawaya shows that the impossible can be the possible!

If you live in Melbourne, go out and see this exhibition now as I highly recommend you do.



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