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The All New Must Have Orange 430 Book Review

The All New Must Have Orange 430 Book Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: The All New Must Have Orange 430 is indeed a very clever and amusing read


Clever fun!

Michael Speechley’s fantastic new book, The All New Must Have Orange 430 is a witty story about Harvey who receives the latest must-have item, the Orange 430. However as the story continues, we learn that other children from around the country also have the Orange 430 but upon further investigation, this is actually a useless item with no real-world use thanks to the nefarious UOI, the company responsible for this ‘must-have’ item.

Complementing the clever, amusing and witty text that flows well are the wonderful drawings that accompany the story that are at times larger than life. These drawings really help draw you into the world of Orange 430 and adds to the overall imagination of this amusing tale. Even though this story is aimed at children, adults will also enjoy this true tale of woe because we’ve all been involved in purchasing useless items throughout our lives.

Michael Speechley should also be commended at creating this realistic story which mirrors the real-world well, particularly our little hero who not only manages to find the money required for the Orange 430 but also help with the revolution against UOI. This moment is priceless and the drawings really bring this to life.

Final Thoughts?

The All New Must Have Orange 430 is a thoroughly enjoyable read that boasts some truly colourful and fun images that helps take this children’s story to the next level. The characters are thoroughly interestingly as is the premise, especially the villain of the story who does come unstuck when the children revolt against the item known as Orange 430.

In the end All New Must Have Orange 430 was a real joy to read and was enjoyed by everyone.

Highly Recommended!

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