PC Games Testament Order of the High Human Review

Published on July 23rd, 2023 | by S. Masoud Kazemi

Testament Order of the High Human Review

Testament Order of the High Human Review S. Masoud Kazemi

Summary: Testament is the type of game you play to learn what you should not do when you make a game. Everything about this game is either mediocre at best or absolute broken.



Testament – The Order of the High Human is a first-person action game set in a fantasy world where you take control of a High Human descended to one of the locations he exiles criminals and beasts. Testament is the type of game that you see the trailer and say this is going to be a fun game until you start playing and see you were completely wrong about the game.

There are so many things wrong with Testament that I don’t know where to start, so I’ll start with the only thing that is fine in the game; lore and story. The game starts rather boringly and if you have played any fantasy game you can detect rip off from all sorts of games immediately. The only thing that may give the energy and enthusiast to play the game is the story and lore of the game.

Testament Order of the High Human Review

It’s not a fantastic or great one, but among all the bad things about this game, that is the only good part. You take control of a character named Aran that is descended from Tessara where his evil brother reins and wants to have revenge. While the story of Testament gets the job done, I was much more interested in the lore of the game. What are these creatures, who is Aran, and what are all these magics and weird arenas?

Now let’s say you aren’t interested in lore or story, Testament will disappoint you so much that you may not play the game for a short time. The worst thing about this game for me wasn’t the repetitive gameplay or dull combats, it was all the rip-offs. The first thing that I said when I saw the menu of the game was “That is a straight rip-off from God of War’s UI/UX” and I really wished that was the last one. Apart from the lore, everything in the game is either a rip-off or an already-made asset from the Unreal Engine.

Testament Order of the High Human Review

Let’s take the first location of the game which is a jungle. You won’t find anything in this location that would have some sort of environmental design that would make you say this is cool. Until you reach the first puzzle arena where the game does get better. The first puzzle of the game has a great design and is really creative until you play more and realize the game gets into a repetitive cycle. You fight, you go to the arena and solve puzzles, and repeat what you have just done.

Speaking of fights, the combat of the Testament, I tried to avoid it as much as I can because there was no joy in it. I’m the type of player that likes to get into fights head-on and kill all enemies, but this game made me use the stealth option far more frequently because I didn’t want to get into yet another boring fight. You have a bow, sword, and magic to use for the fights. At first, it seems you can create fun combos, and that is nothing but a dream. Use two or three spells and boom your energy bar is gone and you can’t use magic, the sword gameplay is stiff and dull, and using the bow is good until you realize you only had 5 arrows to shoot. For all these reasons, you prefer to avoid combat as much as you can.

Testament Order of the High Human Review

And it’s not like the game doesn’t have good ideas to make the gameplay or fight better, it’s just that execution of all those ideas was poor. You can really see this in creating the puzzles that they have good ideas but executing them and putting them in the right order is absolutely wrong. After a few hours, it really gets hard to find a reason or motivation to continue playing.


Testament: The Order of the High Human is the definition of having good ideas and not executing any of them properly. Apart from the lore of the game, there is absolutely nothing there that would make you enjoy the game after a few hours. The combats are dull, the design of the world is poor, and the game just gets into a repetitive cycle.

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