Published on December 6th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

Test Your Luck in Fallout 76: Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise, Now Available

Let the good times roll with the launch of Fallout 76: Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise. Now available free for all players across all platforms, Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise brings a new premier destination to the wasteland, offering thrilling entertainment, scenic coastal views and new expedition challenges. Players can now venture out to Atlantic City to complete new missions while helping to maintain the balance of power and earn rewards.

Check out the Boardwalk Paradise launch trailer here:

In Fallout 76: Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise, players can embark on two new expeditions, Tax Evasion and The Most Sensational Game. In Tax Evasion players will work for the mafia and get their finances “in order”. Then The Most Sensational Game is a race filled with obstacles and enemies for players to compete in.

In addition to the new expeditions, Boardwalk Paradise introduces the following:

  • New Locations –
    • The Neapolitan Casino
    • The Boardwalk
  • New Factions –
    • The Showmen
    • Municipal Government
    • The Family
  • New Enemies –
    • The Overgrown
    • Lesser Devil

However, Atlantic City isn’t all fun and games. Beyond the New Jersey Pine Barrens lie the mutated Overgrown – irradiated, plant-like beasts from deep within the woods encroaching on Atlantic City’s borders. Dangerous cryptids have also been spotted wandering the area, so keep an eye out for those ferocious devils.

Fallout 76: Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise is now available on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 & 5. Fallout 76 is also available on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra. All the details on Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise can be found here.

Boardwalk Paradise is also the start of Fallout 76’s Season 15 The Big Score. During this new season, players can risk it all on the boardwalk and play their way through the ranks and become a high roller collecting unique rewards.

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