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Terminator T-800 ACW Multimedia Speaker

AC Worldwide have produced some amazing and authentic helmet replicas that also double as Bluetooth speakers. From Darth Vader to Master Chief and back to C-3PO and a Storm Trooper helmet, these products are not only damn impressive in their designs but make the perfect piece for your home or office. They are also great bragging rights to your friends and family!

About the Campaign

The Terminator T-800 is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and original sci-fi robots of all time. We want to bring you the next generation in wireless speaker technology with our very own T-800 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker, truly multimedia with our exciting new, additional features.

Side view of prototype shows tweeter above right eye. Ported sub-woofer is in the base
Side view of prototype shows tweeter above right eye. Ported sub-woofer is in the base

Standing 45cm (18 inches) tall, this is big, in fact one of the largest reproductions of the Endoskeleton skull ever produced.  Our T-800 speaker, made from polished alloy, provides a combination of tweeter and subwoofer producing crisp, clear sound and powerful bass. Each eye features illuminated red sockets for further authenticity. What’s more, the left eye is actually a high-definition camera which records video for live viewing or upload to Cloud storage with our App.

Prototype showing size to scale against laptop
Prototype showing size to scale against laptop

The fine detail of the Endoskeleton skull utilises a special manufacturing process that ensures that every single speaker is absolutely unique.

Kickstarter community members pledging for our limited availability special serial numbers T-800, will have your pledge shipped in a deluxe collectors’ box made from durable, non-board materials, and never to be made available at retail, for added collectibility. You also get to specify a personalised plaque on your speaker featuring your name or other script – this, too,  will never be offered at retail.

ACW founder Karl with T-800 prototype actual size
ACW founder Karl with T-800 prototype actual size

Technology: the T-800 speaker connects via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even by Aux cable. Included is  Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled AI giving access to music streaming services, weather, news, traffic and other real-time information; empowering complete control of your home with simple voice commands.  When connected to a mobile phone, you can make and receive hands-free calls through the speaker’s built-in microphone. Our smartphone App gives you full control over the audio and the camera. Shipped in a special Kickstarter-edition giftbox, the T-800 is an advanced, fully-functional audio and video device, a virtual ‘personal assistant’ that doubles as a beautiful display piece and collectible.  Mains powered (supplied with multiple adaptor for use worldwide).

Key Features

  • High-quality sound from combination tweeter and ported sub-woofer
  • Powerful bass and crisp, clear range
  • HD camera in left eye streams video to your smartphone
  • Complete Amazon Alexa AI functionality: T-800 becomes your ‘intelligent personal assistant’.
  • Bluetooth connection to smartphone, tablet or PC. Aux, too
  • Hands-free phone calls using internal microphone
  • Connect to your home or office network with Wi-Fi
  • Controllable with our smartphone App
  • Polished alloy exterior
Image shows scale of T-800 alongside coffee maker and mobile phone
Image shows scale of T-800 alongside coffee maker and mobile phone

App includes

  • Camera connectivity, live stream video with two-way audio, motion detection activation, Cloud storage
  • Audio control
  • Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity
  • Personalise the T-800’s Bluetooth pairing greeting with your own voice and message.

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