Published on January 28th, 2020 | by Adrian Gunning

Tekken World Tour and SoulCalibur World Tour announced for 2020 and First Haohmaru footage!

Bandai Namco Entertainment is also launching its e-sports season with two worldwide tournaments!

The Tekken World Tour 2020 will have its first tour stop in Tokyo for the Tekken Tokyo Masters on April 4th and 5th! For more information, please join us for our ‘Tekken Day’ livestream in February:

TEKKEN 7 will also receive an update on January 28th, which includes the long awaited MYREPLAY&TIPS feature and game balance adjustments. MYREPLAY&TIPS is a tool that will point out when players could have performed a punishment or a combo during their match, as well as giving them additional data on their playstyle.

The SoulCalibur World Tour 2020 kicked off in Tokyo last weekend.

Please find the tour stops and dates below:

  1. Edge Master Evo Japan 1/24 -1/26/20, Tokyo Japan Asia-Pacific
  2. Critical Edge Final Round US: 3/20-22 (Final Round) – Georgia, US Americas
  3. Edge Master The Mix Up 4/18- 4/19 France EMEA
  4. Edge Master US: 5/22-24 (Combo Breaker) – Illinois, US Americas
  5. Critical Edge Battle Arena Melbourne 12 5/29 -5/31st Melbourne, Australia, Asia Pacific
  6. Critical Edge US: 6/26-28 (CEO) – Florida, US Americas
  7. Critical Edge VS Fighting UK 8/21 – 8/23 – UK, EMEA
  8. Critical Edge Rev Major September Philippines, Asia Pacific
  9. Critical Edge Ultimate Fighting Arena – October

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