Published on September 11th, 2023 | by Adrian Gunning

TEAMGROUP Releases DDR5 VLP ECC UDIMM Industrial Memory for NetCom and High Computing Power Applications

In order to meet the evolving needs of Netcom data center computing, global memory provider TEAMGROUP is proud to introduce the new DDR5 VLP ECC U-DIMM normal and wide temperature (-40° to +85°C) memory module. It features DDR5 high performance, high frequencies, and large-capacity industrial ICs. Designed to have an extremely low profile for greater performance and more compact hardware configurations, the U-DIMM provides users with better performance and reliability than ever before.

TEAMGROUP’s DDR5 VLP ECC U-DIMM memory modules come in frequencies up to 4800 MHz and 5600 MHz to ensure fast data processing and enhance computing performance. The memory is also offered in a wide range of capacity options, from 16GB to 48GB, allowing users to select the most suitable capacity kit for their platform’s workload and computing needs. This module comes in an ultra-low-profile design, with a board height of only 0.738 inches, half of the normal modules. This allows it to meet the hardware configuration requirements of blade servers and helps maximize space for the user’s configuration of components, and achieves higher server density.

Utilizing patented IC classification test and verification technology, TEAMGROUP selects the most stable industrial ICs to ensure the stability and reliability of each and every module, reducing system failures. Through the use of patented technology, TEAMGROUP is able to offer industrial-grade wide-temperature technology that allows 1U servers and edge computing platforms to operate reliably under extreme temperatures ranging from -40° to +85°C. Additional features, such as anti-sulfuration, underfill, and coating enable servers to withstand harsh computing environments.

TEAMGROUP continues to dedicate itself to the research and development of DDR5 memory and works closely with manufacturers in various fields and applications to ensure that each stage of the R&D process passes compatibility verification and other tests. As the DDR5 market continues to grow, TEAMGROUP has demonstrated its determination and R&D capabilities in the sector of industrial DDR5 by launching the most complete industrial DDR5 memory product line, delivering a reliable and secure industrial and storage solution for customers.

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